Former Corporal of the Ministry of Defense has admitted the matter Miguel Angel NazarenoKnown as ‘Don Naja’, he entered the ministry building three times after failing a security test. Authorities made the announcement at a news conference on Sunday, April 10.

Juan Carlos LopezThe commander of the Joint Military Intelligence Command said Nazareno had entered the ministerial complex. Three times, The first March 15 and the next April 4. In this the whole security process is completed. He kept his documents and announced what he was going to do Administrative transactions. On his first visit he stayed 15 minutes inside the complex, the second time he stayed one hour 40 minutes.

Military cooperation

However, on April 6, he entered through the back of the complex Six military cooperationOne of them is an officer who has already been identified.

“The investigation is ongoing at the moment and coordination has been made with the prosecutor’s office to form a joint team and continue with them,” Lopez announced.

Defense Minister said. Luis HernandezHe said the troops would “approve and expel those who would harm the credibility of the armed forces, the country and society.”

An official complaint from the prosecutor’s office weighed in on Nazareno and two others, as they were separated for being part of a presentation. Illegal fundraiser. The company received 300 to 5,000 USD per person and offered to repay it within a week with 90% interest on the profit.

Despite this, about Nazarin No arrest warrant has been issued, although the prosecutor’s office insisted he was charged with money laundering.

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