Pink spots on the La Salina lagoon in Mexico. Photo: Social Network

According to local media reports, Dr. water La Selina LagoonLocated in the Escobila community in the Costa de Oxaca region of Mexico, was spotted Pink color. This event was recorded on Wednesday, May 18, 2022, after 60 years.

For locals living away from tourism and coastal fishing, this incident worries them. They noted that the incident was noticed 15 days ago.

The lagoon is considered a Sanctuary For Conservation of sea turtles. In the past, salt was extracted, so they named it La Salina.

In the absence of a formal explanation from environmental authorities and wildlife experts, residents believe the color is due to the lagoon’s lack of oxygen, due to the mouth closure that makes it contact the open sea. It’s raining

Damage to the Lagoon in Mexico

With images obtained by the regional media, it can be seen that the water has a different color, including the arms, covering an area of ​​40 hectares.

The pink color is produced by a bacterium that releases a pink pigment, which only occurs in water with a high concentration of salt. The phenomenon has been observed in Manialtepec and Coyula.

Residents added that fish and crocodiles have been declining for three years due to lack of oxygen.

One of those who reported the loss was Mexican journalist Esau Javaleta, who recorded what happened on his social networks.

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