The Quito subway Ahead of this investigation, a statement was issued on Friday, April 8, 2022 Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office From Spain For complaints Bribery in 2013 Officials from the capital won the award of a consultancy contract for the construction of the metro.

The case came to light after a publication in a Spanish newspaper Confidential April 5.

The document states that Efren BastiasThe current manager of Quito Metro, for the consultative agreement, “was not part of the negotiation stage and did not sign the negotiation document where the final amount and terms were established”.

It has been explained that in 2013 he It has consolidated a technical commission To evaluate that advice, however, “partially participated in a review of the process in question, as he was in the process of traveling to study for a master’s degree in transportation through a scholarship he won from Sensit.”

“My name is not on the record. Discussion and recommendation documents The GMQ consortium is in the process of signing the agreement, “Bastidas told a news conference on Friday.

The man who chose to give this advice to a Spanish firm was the general manager of EPMMQ at the time, Edgar JacomThose who “follow the recommendations of the Technical Commission or not.”

The case involved GMQ ConsortiumIndra’s Civil Engineering Subsidiary, formed by the Spanish company Bustren, KV Consultores and Prointec, was awarded a consulting contract for which it received a total of USD 20 million.

Quito Metro said the issue became “coincidentally” relevant when “the selection process for the international railway company that will operate the first line of the Quito Metro began just 15 days ago.”

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