Story in the middle of last year Hernan MastrangeloIts fans Lionel Messi, Considered one of his longest running followers.

Julian, Mastranjelo’s grandson, shared on the Internet History In particular, the 100-year-old, who keeps all records The goal The goal was scored by an Argentine player.

“He’s Leo’s biggest fan,” Julian said, acknowledging Social communication Such as ‘Julireview’. “Because you don’t have the technology, you don’t have the phone ComputerScore all Messi’s goals on this sheet, “explained the young man at the time, according to Colombia’s Diario El Tempo.

Mastrángelo’s video was made soon ViralMessi himself learned of the existence of his Great Fan And a video record for him.

“Hello Hernan, obviously I got you History. It seems crazy to me, I don’t even have goals saved that way. I wanted to send you one A deep hug And thank you for what you do, for the follow-up and I wish you all the best “, was the word of thanks to the soccer star.

Match the title to the guy’s 100th birthday Argentina In 2021 in Maracan. Wearing a light blue and white shirt with joy and pride, his statue was seen as his best gift, Clarin.

Hernan “Nello”, as his family and friends call him, was born in 1921 Tandil, Argentina. In adolescence he moved to live Buenos AiresWhere he settled in Karapacha.

This Saturday, February 5, 2022, it was watered Social communication News of the passing of the century. His fans have sadly accepted the announcement.

“Grandpa always meets you. Thank you, it’s gone smoothly and really Happy. Greetings from Messi, “Famous” and happy, so I uploaded this picture so we can smile together. Argentina. I will complete the notebook of his goal for you, ”his grandson wrote in a publication Instagram.

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