Lionel Messi’s speech after the World Cup Taste Have to Reconsideration “A lot of things”, the star has raised doubts about whether the number 10 shirt will continue. Selection From Argentina.

On March 25, 2022, after the Albiceleste match, Messi stated: “I have been happy for a long time. We won the cup (America) with this great group. Everything flows normally. It’s easy on and off the court. Joy helps make everything beautiful and easy. ”

The Argentine captain made the remarks after La Venezuela beat Venezuela 3-0 at the stadium. “I don’t think we’re going to go back. It’s goodbye. ”

“I think Ecuador And in previous matches Preparation. Later The world I’m going to do Reframe A lot AccessoriesIt’s good or bad, hopefully good, “said the French PSG player.

DT advises Messi to ‘enjoy’

In this context, Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni has enjoyed the idea that Public in Argentina Messi on the way Qatar 2022 And not thinking about the “future”. That’s how he reacted Statement This is what the captain of Albiceleste said after the victory against Venezuela Next World Cup A time will come Reconsideration.

“Messi has to sit still as always. After the World Cup I think everyone evaluates and then the decision will be made. I don’t know what he’s thinking. In that case, enjoy it now and keep it. It is a rule of life and it will happen at some point. If there is a spectacular present, why think about the future. It is pointless to think about what will happen after the World Cup, “Scaloni told a news conference on March 26. Training On Buenos Aires Before the trip Guayaquil.

“I haven’t seen the post, but I understand it will be this year, I imagine. I talked to him a long time ago. Let him be the coach in charge and they will not leave him. There’s one Age For everyone, there have been so many trips and matches that I imagine it’s hard. If it ends, it can’t be good. The dream came true. He tried to stay there and the other one could hardly be found or played. Not only did he play, but he scored a goal, provided an assist and received a compliment from the whole stadium, “added Scaloni about De Maria, who said that” definitely “against Venezuela was his last appearance at home with the national team.

“To define this group with the DT about the word fashionable in Argentina.”Scaloneta“It simply came to our notice then. Dear Of People With the Argentina national team. “If people like it and get to know the team, I’m not going to stop them.”

Speaking about the national team’s next move after the South American qualifiers, he emphasized: “I’m going to the draw and the Argentine national team will focus on the University of Qatar. You can sleep there and the training is very close. We are analyzing the competitors. Once the draw is over, we need to start working on how they will play and the chances of them going. Everyone does that. In principle, we have seen potential competitors. “

Ecuador take on Argentina at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, March 29, 2022, in the final match of the South American qualifiers in Guayaquil.

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