Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel has condemned Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and backed the Russian president’s efforts to rein in the country. Photo: EFE

The Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel Condemnation This Thursday, June 2, 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. His revelation In the back To the current German government, EU Already America In their efforts to stop Russian PresidentVladimir Putin’s first public speech since leaving office this year.

“I cannot exclude from this speech any mention of a clear violation of Russian international law,” Merkel said at a rally demanding the dismissal of the outgoing president of the German Confederation of Trade Unions (DGB), Rener Hoffmann.

“The war in Yugoslavia already in the 1990s showed us how fragile the world system is,” he added in a limited-edition ceremony last night, and local media reported on Thursday.

Merkel noted that, as a former Chancellor, she was reluctant to evaluate the work of the current government, which did not prevent her from expressing support for Russia’s position on the war of aggression.

Merkel Scholz has expressed her support for the EU and the US.

“I support the efforts of the German government, the EU and the United States to stand by Putin in this barbaric war,” he said.

Merkel told him Solidarity He spoke in support of the EU, but said that maintaining some independence was important for Ukraine.

As for the effects of the war, he confirmed that they could not be accurately predicted, but in any case they would be profound, and he mentioned Danger There is Famine in Africa.

Merkel stressed the need to support unity within the EU, before an audience where several ministers and heads of regional governments were present.

“Right now, unity in the EU is an issue SurvivalDr. Merkel.

“The wonderful idea of ​​Europe as a community of values ​​is a tough thing but it has taken some hits,” he said.


Merkel cites outgoing DGB President Hoffman, whom she has always been interested in. Look for compromises In difficult times like financial crisis or in the midst of epidemics.

According to Merkel, commitment and willingness to cooperate with politics, employers and unions have been key to reducing unemployment and overcoming the country’s crisis.

Merkel, on the other hand, assured that she was not surprised by this position and said that she was aware of a new meeting with the heads of the German regional governments. Chancellor Olaf Scholes.

“I don’t need it, I can spend the day without meeting with the heads of government,” the former foreign minister joked about the meeting, a regular appointment and the decisions all media attention has focused on in recent years. The epidemic was made there.

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