Despite strong winds of around 30 km / h, both arrive with optional results. Jon Field’s pair, and Sergio, finished with two shots up.

John Rahm, during his visit to Augusta.
John Rahm, during his visit to Augusta.Tannen aniseEFE

Where is the second day of the Augusta Masters ruled by a gust of wind John Raham Y. Sergio Garcia They have survived and will come up with alternatives to success over the weekend. A gust of wind approaching 30 kilometers per hour marked a day of pure bloodshed on the golf course, where the average number of strokes was about 75, equivalent to three on the Augusta course. Both players finished with a rising +2 and have five shots temporarily from the lead.

Matching the end of the Spanish lap, the wind in Augusta punished with such extreme gusts that even the sand of the bunkers was blown away on the 18th, the temperature did not help. Despite the unpleasantness of the day, thousands of people filled the field from dawn, demanding a two-year limitation due to the epidemic and, above all, repatriation. Tiger Woods This year makes it difficult to move around the facilities of the world’s most exclusive club. Even the wind will not respect Tiger, who closed the first nine holes +3 of his course.

Sergio Garcia finished with 74 (+2) in his lap. He started with a birdie in Hole 2, although he soon began to suffer the weather disaster with two consecutive bogies in Holes 4 and 5. The round went into relative control up to hole number 11, the hardest of the day, an equal 4 which equals a result above 51 strokes a day. Sergio defended himself from two from the right, a wrong chip ended up in the water.

“Touched the head too much”

The ball just couldn’t catch, the normal course of this kind of injury is when it pinches and stops and it wasn’t like that, Spaniard said. The terrible result was seven shots, a triple bogey, which raised the ghost of a new failed cut, since Garca has not made a cut in August since his victory in 2017. Among the cheers of Radio Makuto, Chef Jose Andres And former footballers Louis Figo, Who are with him this week, Sergio started another fight against himself and his game and this time he won. As a result of +2 him to finish two consecutive birdies in the 17th and 18th holes, the cut is safe inside and left with options all weekend. Although the problem does not seem to be in Sergio Garcia’s stick but in his head; In this course I am very touched, I would like to say without further explanation, Sergio’s body language does not fool anyone and the 2017 Green Jacket winner is completely defeated every day in the Augusta National Course. Although the results say otherwise, the Spaniards will have to make some changes to see the fight determined by the win. I play with what I have, I have to suffer for two more days, it’s frustrating.

Still, Mercy With the same result, he’s one of those people who usually sees glasses half full, though his game isn’t for the faint of heart. The feeling is that the Spaniard is not too far from regaining his best competitive level, the start of the second day was spectacular, two birdies in a row in holes 1 and 2 which soon equaled his result of course, quickly neutralizing the bad. Sensation of the first day. But Hawa and Augusta were playing and losing patience. The result of 72 hits could not please Barika either. I’m screwed by the bogey on the last hole, he was honest at the end of the round.

However, the best reading is the result and 36 holes including those five shot down that everything can happen. I was six out at the US Open, right ?, record. The Spaniard warned that he would finish the trophy on Sunday.

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