Police in Quito have launched an operation to destroy a group of pickpockets. Photo: Courtesy – Police.

National Police Isolated To an accused Criminal organizations, Dedicated Robbery people Under mode A pickpocket in Quito. This fact was announced this Thursday, June 2, 2022.

Seven Suspicious Be part of that The band Was detained during an operation conducted by Prosecutors and police. “An accused investigation Illegal intercourse For Insult In the system Public transport. The hearing will be held in the next few hours, ”the prosecutor’s office said on Twitter.

The photo, which was aired on the social network, shows a group of men in uniforms with helmets, bulletproof vests and weapons. They raided the house Inside Quito.

This intervention, gendarmes Swallowed Of Proof For Research. In this way, they hope to “determine the level of responsibility of those arrested.”

According to police, “an alleged criminal organization was disbanded which was illegally involved in robbing people. Pocket

The investigation shows that criminal activities have taken place Trolleybus, Ecovia and the Southwest Corridor stop.

What is a pickpocket?

Tracking agent Crime They know who they are They steal The Accessories P’sPeople without owners, such as purses, cell phones, wallets or valuables Of that objectPerception These crimes mainly occur in places Chipboard Or too busy.

Article 196 of the Organic Comprehensive Criminal Code (COIP) establishes that it is authorized Six months to two years in prison Those who “illegally occupy” other people’s property or force victims without displaying violence, threats or intimidation.


A statistical report from the Public Prosecutor’s Office indicates that Between 2019 and April 2022And registered7,379 robberies have been recorded under this system, On a national scale. There are 670 cases this year alone.

Guas, Pichincha, Los Rios, El Oro, Manabi and Ajua These are the provinces where such crimes have been most prevalent.


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