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Get ready for people living in Ecuador Holidays By Battle of Pichincha Which is celebrated every 24th May, i.e. in less than six days. But established by the calendar of the Ministry of Tourism, this day of rest will be moved to Monday, May 23.

This Wednesday, May 18, 2022, we will tell you how much you should earn if you work on a Monday holiday. Although it is compulsory and national rest, there Sector Economic or productive because of its dynamics They cannot be paralyzed Them ActivitiesSo they need them Workers Work on holidays.

The Article 47 Of Job code Establishes that the maximum working day shall be eight hours per day, so that it shall not exceed 40 hours per week, unless otherwise provided by law.

Then, overtime is considered to be what the employee meets during the weekend and on holidays or while working on holidays.

Steps to calculate overtime pay for holidays

Here are the steps you must follow to calculate your overtime pay for this holiday season:

  1. Get normal working hours.
  2. Multiply the value of the hour by 2.
  3. Multiply the value by the total working hours.
  4. Perform the same operation for each day you work.

For example, if a worker earns a basic salary $ 425, Should be divided by 240 (working hours per month). Results 1.77; That is, he earns USD 1.77 per hour. This amount must be multiplied by two, resulting in 3.54. This value is what you should get every hour working on holidays.

Following the mandatory break

This holiday marks the end of the first semester of the year. Ecuadorians will then have five more dates of compulsory rest. These are:

  • The The first cry of freedom It will be held on Wednesday, August 10, but its holiday will be moved to Friday, August 12.
  • The Independence of Guayaquill Fall on Sunday, October 9, but will be removed on Monday, October 10
  • The Day of the Deads, which falls on Wednesday 2, goes to Friday 4.
  • The Freedom of Quench Which will continue on Thursday the 3rd to join Friday the 4th and will have a four-day holiday: Thursday from the 3rd to the 6th of November.
  • Finally, Christmas, Which falls on Sunday 25th, will leave on Monday 26th December

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