In Ecuador, from Thursday, April 28, the use of masks in public spaces is no longer mandatory in the country. According to authorities, the incidence of Covid-19 is low. Photo: Archive / EL COMERCIO

The Syndrome In addition to the fear of ’empty mouth’ can express other fears Caught Especially in a group with Kovid’s Features As special as that Teenager.

After two years of use MaskCountries that already have the option to remove it Accessories From Protection Inside Public Resistance has been identified in young people Leave him. The reason for not giving up is that in many cases, it goes beyond that Biological risk And located Mental plane.

Proof Fear From RejectionShame, lack Acceptability, SecurityAmong other errors caused by its return Teenager The stressful environment, such as the learning environment, is explained by the teacher International University SEK, Maria Elena Norvez, Master Inside Special communication.

Part of the reasons for refusing to give up Face mask The normal changes that occur at this age, e.g. Emergence From Facial hair Is Acne.

In Face to face class This is the variation Slowly And they are becoming clearer day by day, so everyone is used to it, but with a sudden entrance VirtualityNext to Isolation And the recommendation to stay home, it didn’t happen that way.

The boys stopped seeing each other Personally When they had a certain physical aspect and now they have met again that they have another. It is Virtual communication These changes weren’t so noticeable because you could turn off the camera, use filters and even Quality Of DeviceIn many cases, it makes it difficult to see the face in detail.

Also at the beginning of the return Face to face They were still there Mask As an alternative to hiding a bit, but now that it’s optional, that’s one The barrier disappears And conflict arises and Rebellion.

This is one Paradoxical situationMaria Campo Martinez says, director Educational Educa and Nature and Professor International University Of RiozaBecause when Compulsory Wear it, they were the ones who at least wanted to do it.

Not that Mask Caused Difficulty, The teacher explains, rather, because of their shame and insecurity, the mask acts as a protection. With Face mask They remain, somehow, in a comfort zone, he notes. “There are some kids who say I like to wear it because it gives me ShameI don’t want them to see my face, I’m ugly, they will laugh at me, they don’t know I’m wearing braces, “Campo said.

In addition to the part Emotional‘Empty mouth’ can affect the syndrome Educational performance Because students will like Limits His Bet Without facing the possibility of being asked to leave the classroom for a moment in the classroom. Mask To improve Interaction. Although accessory use is still voluntary.

Its products Discomfort Saliva is used to remove facial masks, To cover With T-shirt Or with The veil Face, bowing, keeping head down and eyes on ground, nervousness and anxiety. It became clear a Retreat Important Teenager For an inappropriate Mental management.

According to Narváez, as is currently the case Syndrome Of ‘Empty mouth‘, The epidemic will be more in the next time Psychological problems That will be considered. Students will not be the only ones in the learning environment Lost relativesBut they were infected and so, with potential levels Hypochondria That must be treated and managed immediately.

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