Mexico coach Gerardo Martino during a friendly match against Nigeria at the Arlington (USA) stadium. Photo: EFE

Argentina Gerardo MartinoFootball coach MexicoThis Wednesday, June 1, 2022 stated that Uruguay Y. EcuadorNext Rival They are preparing for the World Cup in Qatar Be carefull And with a Similar levels.

“Opponents who qualify for the World Cup in a complex tie like South America are very cautious opponents,” he said during Thursday’s game against Uruguay at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. .

The former coach of Argentina and Paraguay praised his work Diego AlonsoWho came to lead Uruguay In the last four matches South American Qualifier Of The world Of Taste.

“Uruguay had its ups and downs in Tai and they adjusted it in the presence of Diego and they qualified, the extraordinary work that Professor Washington Tabarez has done before,” he said.

Regarding Ecuador, which will face Mexico at Chicago’s Soldier Field this Sunday, Martino highlights the qualifications of his coach, Argentine Gustavo Alfaro, who has been with Ecuador most of the time in the first four places of the South American qualifiers.

“Uruguay and Ecuador are made up of good people, obviously when you have a midfielder in a team that has just won the Champions League (Federico Valvarde) and another in Atletico de Madrid (Luis Suarez), which takes all the light but the two teams that are ahead of us. Both are very good. “

Martino said he had a look Mexican team More focused than ever and acknowledging that classification Taste This has reduced their pressure.

“I’ve noticed a very focused group, and we’ve probably never seen that in three and a half years. It calms me down and makes me happy, I see that we can all fight, ”he said.

Its former coach Dr. Barcelona Argentine striker Julio Farch has not closed the door on a potential post for anyone who wants to know if he has already achieved it. Mexican naturalization.

Forch could be the second person to play for Mexico under Martino’s management, the first being Argentine Roselio Funes Mori, who did not return to El Tree due to injury.

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