Nobel Prize in Literature Mario Vargas Losa86, tested positive for coronavirus, and is fine and isolated in her home MadridSources from its editorial confirmed to EFE on Tuesday, February 19, 2022.

For this reason, the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) Vargas Losa has postponed the work he planned to do with Santiago Munoz Machado, the director of the organization, of which he is also a member.

In Cervantes week, Muñoz Machado was going to talk about his book “Cervantes”, from Critica Publishing House, with Spanish-Peruvian writers and academics. According to RAE, the law has been postponed until next Monday, April 25.

Vargas Losa His latest book has recently been published“The quiet gaze (by Perez Galdós)”, an article by Alfaguar’s publishing house, which he presented at a press conference in Madrid on 7 April.

People of the letter, born in Peru in 1936, Lives in Madrid And besides the Nobel there is a long list of prizes, such as for letters to Cervantes and the Prince of Asturias.

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