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She is upset because her plus-size women’s clothing business has been looted. But like several episodes of his life where he grew up, Maria Eugenia Donoso He said he has plans to recover. He said this before opening up about her Likes Being Plus model And how to plant Expensive To one Society That beauty standard is designed to destroy life.

There are a few models in Ecuador and fewer in size. Where did all this come from?

I Plus size modelBut I am a business woman. Now I dedicate myself more and more to business with Plus Trends, because I already have more Old lady. I started as an ideal model.

At what age?

17. At school they told me that if I was fat I could not be part of the choir. So I was obsessed with weight and graduated, what can we say, the ideal body in quotes. I wanted to show that I was no longer a fat girl at school and that I had come into the world of modeling to verify who I was and what I looked like. But the opposite was true. I went to the first ‘casting’ and they told me: you are very beautiful, it gives you height, but you are wider and bigger than other models, you have to lose, yes or no, about 40 pounds.

40 pounds! Too much stress for a teenager …

I was obsessed with exercise, diet, pills and had anorexia nervosa for seven years. My life was full of ups and downs until I returned to Ecuador in 2009, when I went to Buenos Aires to study modeling and human rights, and a friend died in anorexia. I said I had to get out of here. I started a process that obviously meant a lot of weight gain.

You are a survivor.

Yes, absolutely. It was a bit of a healing of my wound, which was not the legitimacy of what happened to me at school, but I was able to go out and turn everything around.

Have you ever heard the expression that dog bites are cured by the dog’s own fur?

No (laughs).

And one nail pulls out another nail?

That’s yes.

Your history with modeling plus sounds like, if weight took you to those episodes, it also led you to your own legitimacy …

Yes, I started with the plus movement because after my process Recovery, I started gaining weight very fast because I had thyroid and pituitary condition. It was very difficult, because I started gaining weight very fast: so I went to another extreme, I put something called a lingual mesh, which does not allow solid substances to enter. It’s horrible and it’s banned by the WHO, it’s a brutal thing. One day I woke up and I was swollen like a balloon because the infection from my tongue had gone to my kidneys and my kidneys had failed. Already in the hospital I had a moment of well-being and I said: I have done nothing in my life, except to try to be lean … I am going to stop fighting against myself, I will have the body I have to do and I will be happy. I was dating a photographer and he taught me that America has this plus-size trend. I saw that it had nothing to do with Latin America and I decided to be the first plus size model in Ecuador and launched the first modeling agency of its kind in Latin America.

It sounds beautiful, but it is difficult.

And it’s still there. There are many people who think they have been rejected for being fat, and they call them lazy, ugly, because fat-fobs believe that being fat is associated with being lazy, being lazy. So, I said it’s not just a modeling agency, it’s going to revolutionize this social segment.

Is the reaction of the rest before the Plus model real or politically correct part of it?

It is very difficult for one person to change the world. It’s very difficult for Plus Trends to suddenly create and stop insulting me for being fat. What changes is the perspective in the face of humiliation and it is extremely powerful, because you take away the power of that person to hurt you, you don’t need anything else: you are completely free. When I started Plus Trends they told me “this ridiculously fat woman”. My therapist advised me, you have two options: one is to cry and the other is to move on. Since I love life, I chose the latter. It is worth changing the aesthetic paradigm.

What is beauty?

I think the concept of beauty has evolved for me, but it’s going backwards in a certain way, because I don’t pay much attention to it anymore. I believe that beauty is something that still needs to be discovered in all people.

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