Mary of the angels His next will be postponed Presentation Because you must save Absolute rest By medical prescription.

This news was published through this Release Issued by the team Ecuadorian artist Through Social media.

A health problem

“For health reasons, Maria de Los Angeles Surgery After several tests and extensive conversations last week and with the team of doctors in charge of our artist’s case, they told us the best way to protect his health and recover. Absolute rest “.

Message addressed Fans And friends which spread this Tuesday, April 26, 2022 through the artist’s official account.

The statement did not elaborate on what kind of interference he suffered or did State of health At present, however, the artist is in the process of recovering.

Signs of support

A month ago, Maria de Los Angeles was a part Joint venture For a production Dedicated matters for election Ecuadorian football graduate My selection. The artist joins his voice with that Cinnamon Land, Jayak, Sahiro, Star Squad To pay homage to a musical instrument for the election.

Fans and friends of the artist have shown their solidarity with Maria de Los Angeles. Several shared messages of support and wished them a speedy recovery.

Colombian singer-songwriter Amanda Patricia He wrote on Instagram: “May his strong blood heal you soon! Health is more important and your fans and followers will be waiting for you.”

Ecuador Group Papaya He also showed his support for the artist with a message that read: “Get well soon dear.”

A postponed tour

The artist has also worked on it Own musical project And two weeks ago he presented his new single and video Destination. Guido Narváez’s written theme is explained by his characteristic style Technocombia.

With new songs in his collection, the Ecuadorian artist planned to create one Europe tour. The musical tour was planned from April 28 to May 14 in conjunction with Guarro Productions.

“We really feel a lot for the followers who hoped to witness our artist’s show and so on. We thank you for your support and understanding.”, The statement said, inviting the public to participate in other events with Ecuadorian artists.

“We want to invite the public to attend Event scheduled in Spain With different co-artists, because they are definitely looking forward to seeing their audience again. “

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