Marco Lopez He was appointed the new superintendent of the Council for Citizen Participation and Social Control (CPCCs) Company, Securities and Insurance this Tuesday, April 26, 2022.

Sent a short list to the executive committee Cpccs Formed by Lopez, Maria Garcia and Esteban Coelho. The latter refused before the challenge stage. Quenker has a relationship with a company that has signed a contract with a public company. For that title is prohibited according to regulations.

On the other hand, during the public hearing, Garcia did not attend the full session of the Cpccs. The Secretary-General confirmed that it had been notified on 22 April. He explained that after a phone call, Garcia told him he was “continuing.” An activity of a personal nature And could not attend. He refused to connect by zoom because he was driving.

Thus, Marco Lopez is the new superintendent of the company. The proposal was approved by a reasonable vote of the President Hernan Uloa, Vice President Maria Fernanda Rivadeneira, Councilors Francisco Bravo and Ibeth Estupinan. The absence of directors Juan Xavier Davalos and David Rosero was registered and director Sophia Almeida lacked accent.

During a public hearing on Monday the 25th, Lopez presented his work plan. One of its general objectives is to develop a The only maintenance manual.

The Plenary Session of the Council shall send a proposal to the National Assembly with the name of the authority nominated for its occupation.

Who is Marco Lopez?

Marco Giovanni Lopez He is a commercial engineer, holds a master’s degree in business administration and has served as the president’s representative before the Monetary and Financial Policy and Control Board, a member of the Fiscal Policy Observatory, and a member of Ecuador’s central bank board of directors and company superintendent security. . Appointed as Superintendent till 2024

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