The event analyzes sports as an engine for the recovery of the economy. It was inaugurated by CSD President Jose Manuel Franco

Elena Bokos (Commercial Director of the Editorial Unit in Catalonia)
Elena Bokos (Commercial Director of the Editorial Unit of Catalonia), Alfredo Bustillo (Caxbank Sponsorship), JM Franco (CSD), JI Gallardo (Brand), Gemma Manjas (Brand Business) and Nicola Sperroni (General Director of the Editorial Unit). The kingChema King

Sports as the driver of the economy. This is the vision of the MARCA Business Forum, a new event hosted by the Unidad Editorial Sports Newspaper, sponsored and inaugurated by CaixaBank Jose Manuel Franco (CSD President). Also taking part in this event Iker Casillas, Mark Gasol, George Garbajosa, Almudena Sid, Jennifer couple And numerous experts from the sports industry, e.g. Dmitry KirilenkoAlexander Dreyfus, CEO of Shakhtar Donetsk and CEO of Socios.com

Spain is the only country in Europe that has included sports as a driving force in the recovery process. Now, more than ever, sports and the international projection of our country shows, outside our borders, the epidemic took power from all of us to reclaim the common lands, the supreme leader of Spanish sports insisted. Franco stressed that technology and digital transformation must be the axis of transformation in sports. He further assured that CSD is working on a benchmark model in the management, sports and organization of sporting events as well as in athletes and competitions.

The event was attended by the Director of MARCA, John Ignatius Gallardo; Group CEO and Director, Nicholas SperroniY. Sergio Cobos, Director General of Advertising. To welcome him, Gallardo highlighted: Sports leisure and a fundamental part of the entertainment industry, MARCA must be a meeting point.

The event, held in El Beatriz Madrid, addresses some of the hottest points of interest in the sports industry, such as sports major trends, fan loyalty, monetization or NFT and tokens, as well as analysis of successful environmental cases. And social sustainability.

Iker Casillas Admitted: Don’t choose how you will leave. One of the good things about retiring is that I have met Icarus again. Also, Average I mentioned: Curiosity helps to have less vertigo when retreating. It’s hard to reinvent yourself, but it’s a brutal life experience. Almodena Seed says retiring at such a young age has caused her an identity crisis, although continuing to work on television allows her to do things in a way that makes her feel comfortable. Jennifer Pareja says: All athletes have something different, and they want to get better every day.

Dmitry Kirilenko, Shakhtar Donetsk’s commercial director, explained that the Russian invasion disrupted all football in Ukraine: we were separated from our five-star stadium in Donetsk in 2014 due to the conflict started by the Russians. Until 2017 we played in Lepolis, then we moved to Zarkov and from there we moved to Kiev.

For the most part, Alexander DreyfusThe CEO of Socios.com says that the key to success in the crypto blockchain is to create a new use of technology without having to try to imitate something that already existed, and there are many ways to use the technology. NFT To reward and attract fans and users from all over the world.

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