The new school year begins on May 6, 2022 Coast-Galapagos rule, With 100% face-to-face classes. The Ministry of Education has given provisions to those concerned Use of uniforms In government educational institutions.

After the start of the school year on the coast and in the Galapagos, the state portfolio reported that They resumed distribution of uniforms School for 562,000 students with an investment of USD 15 million. “Through this program, we have reduced barriers to accessing education to institutions in the area with the highest rates of poverty,” the ministry said in a statement.

Tax educational institutions They will not be able to request mandatory use Uniforms are issued until the student’s kit is issued, the statement said. The same delivery will end on 31st May.

Financial institutions that do not benefit Free school uniforms Must be subject to a ministerial level agreement. It contains general rules for the use of school uniforms in educational institutions.

Contract provisions

The document establishes that financial institutions do not receive Free clothing Students may request to be present at the institution after the uniform. It has been said Coexistence code Of each organization. Also in Article 330 of the General Regulation of the Organic Law of Intercultural Education (LOEI), the Ministry

But the portfolio makes it clear that a maximum of three pieces can be requested: pants, a t-shirt or shirt and a diver. This further clarifies that its use will be at least three days a week. The rest, Students Those who may appear with clothes of similar colors Institutional uniforms. Families who want to acquire a complete kit (parade, sport or other) can do so voluntarily.

Also, Uniforms cannot be sold They do not instruct you to purchase them within the educational institution or from any supplier. Families will be free to acquire them at their discretion, the education ministry has ordered.

Non-governmental organizations

Does not specify any guidelines for the provisions of the Ministry Private educational institutions. However, everything related to uniform use and other aspects is stated in the coexistence code of the organization, which is signed by the parents.

According to Timeline Established by the Ministry of Education, the school year will begin with the educational subdivision. The first students went to the classroom this Friday May 8 And they match the first two (3 and 4 year olds) kids with the first, second and third year high school students.

Monday May 9 It is expected that students in the eighth, ninth and tenth grades of elementary general education will start the school year at the same time as in high school (first grade). And Tuesday May 10 This will be the beginning of the school cycle for secondary school (fifth, sixth and seventh) and primary (second, third and fourth).

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