Macara was forced on the university technician. Photo: Macara

Macara Clasico Ambateno won, against University Technician, With three goals. The match ended 3-1 after an intense match at Belavista Stadium. Ronald Champang, Alvaro Cazula and Ivan Ortigoza scored for Akash Nil.

Both clubs use that field, but only for the day 14 Makara was local. However, it was this tour that produced the best action in the first half and goalkeeper Padilla knew how to keep his goal clear.

Towards the end of that first half, Makara started to score despite the superiority of their opponents. Champagne He got a long pass without throwing the ball Defined from the edge of the areaThe madman came on stage to chase away the fans.

With that advantage, Makara imposes playing conditions for the complement. The Celestes were more aggressive and controlled the ball in midfield. A technician also lostAnd, for expulsion Juan David Jimenez, 51 years old.

The technician survived his opponent’s best moments and got the tie at the moment when he felt the weakest. Edison Carcelen equalized the score At 67, with a strong header, after a corner kick.

Five minutes from the end, d Argentina’s Kazula has the advantageAgain, to the locals. Gaucho took advantage of a good cross from the right and scored on a header; The stadium shook with that goal. Ortigoza stopped the goal At a discount, with a powerful shot from outside the area.

It was a painful victory, which allowed Macara added 13 points, And will be in 14th place. On the last date they will go to Liga de Quito. University technician, staying With nine units, he is ranked 15th And the first stage at home will be off, against Emelec.

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