Macara and Kumbaya They drew 0-0 at Belavista Stadium in Ambato on April 4, 2022, at the end of the sixth day of the first season.

The game went backwards Mainly in the first half. Ambateños and Pichinchanos look at the opponent’s goal with danger, unable to start the goal.

For the second half, it was Makara asserted his position. Jose Hernandez was the team’s most dangerous, complicating his overflowing tour under the left wing, which only Stopped with foul.

Kumbaya quickly drew and resigned. It is55 ′ Jomil Delgado was expelled, So the spectators decided to withdraw and defend Zero under their pressure, since then they have not created any dangerous activity.

With the tie, both teams moved away from the fight for the top spot. They are equal to eight points, A win means they have to keep up with the same scores as Liga de Quito, Emlec and Del Val in the Independent, adding 10 units.

For the next day, Makara will visit AkasIn Quito, while Cuba will host the Liga de Quito.

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