Maduro’s re-election was called into question by the international community. Photo: EFE

This Friday, May 20, 2022 marks the four year anniversary of Nicolas Maduro Re-election What? President From Venezuela Questionable in the May 20, 2018 election Opposition Caribbean countries and parts The international community.

“I remember the May 20 victory, when the people Re-elected What? President. Great victory Democracy True! We have dealt intensely War In the civil-military union, and we are still standing and winning, ”the president wrote on his Twitter account.

Some moments which include Maduro with a video message Re-election What? President From VenezuelaWhen he received 6,248,864 votes (67.84%), his main opponent was Henry Falcon, who received 1,927,958 (20.93%) support. National Electoral Council (CNE).

One day after the election, Venezuela’s parliament, with an opposition majority at the time, approved the non-recognition. Announcement From Ripe As President of the country for the period 2019-2025 and declared “non-existent” Presidential election.

The Former deputies They declared the farce, executed on May 20, 2018, “non-existent” because it was conducted entirely outside the terms of the agreement. Human rightsConstitution and law of the Republic “.

Used by this argument Leader Y. Former deputy Juan Guaido Announce “President in chargeFrom Venezuela to January 23, 2019, which was Recognized For variety Countries Such as the United States and Colombia, although the list has shrunk over time.

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