Luis Lara, Minister of Defense. Photo: Courtesy of the Presidency

Relief. That was the feeling In military positions When the president William Lasso Appointed Luis Lara as the new Minister Defending. That is what the senior officials said Army. Men in uniform, who have requested anonymity, say that in recent months Armed forces There have been incidents that have affected its image as an institution.

One of them had to do with a link Military Corporal Miguel Nazareno, aka ‘Don Naja’, who led and was leading an illegal money network Ministry of Defense A few days before his assassination. “It has tarnished the image of the armed forces. Before public opinion. We have already felt that we need a new minister and a change of leadership, “said a senior official.

This change has already been implemented Last week. Among them The first intervention As a minister, Lara instructed him that Purpose Was made transparent Research About the so-called Lots of moneyLed by Nazareno.
Eleven days after his capture, he revealed that 139 active-duty soldiers had made illegal investments with that platform. Now those wearing uniforms are analyzed for their administrative procedures and disciplinary sanctions.

In fact, the Ministry of Defense, located at the center Quito, Lewis Lara’s picture is not unknown. Until May 2021, he was the top military commander of the three branches. In the government Lenin Moreno He was appointed head of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces. Then he decided to go Lifting.

The October protests

Lara came to this position after taking the lead Military operations Time Social protest October 2019. According to the ombudsman’s office, 240 human rights violations have been reported; 13% of these crimes will be committed by members of the armed forces. Lara at the time described the report as “subjective, inaccurate and biased.”

He has finished Military career At the beginning of the exact term Lasso. The Head of state Stops his responsibilities and gives him a reward Qualifications Per Professional excellence.

A long run

Lara wore it Military uniforms For 38 years. In those years he stood to be one Strategic military. That’s what former chief of staff Wagner Bravo remembers. He said the new minister had fought hard in 1971 Upper Chenepa. At the time, his nominee said Kilo 17.

“He was part of the heroic work that protected the southern base from the enemy. From January 31 to February 3, he faced the strongest fighting, “Bravo recalls.

For him, Lara’s election as a new minister was successful for two reasons. The first is because Lara is aware of the current problem, since she has left the armed forces. Just a year ago.

And the second reason is that Lara was the commander of the Northern Frontier. Learn in detail how controls should be further strengthened along the Colombian border, where drug infiltration has increased since 2020.

Northern border

New Minister He also mentioned the need to intensify operations to protect the border. Team Y. Technology.

For this reason, he announced the release of information on the military radar attack on Montecristi Mountains, which was investigated by 16 officers and nine aircraft technicians for the Prosecutor’s Office and the Armed Forces’ internal affairs.

Lara has requested before Information The progress of these processes. Lara, on the other hand, doesn’t just have a mission to lead Military operations At the border

He is also co-ordinating internal security with Home Minister Patricio Carrillo, who was also a police commander.

Other work

For the general public Paco MonkayoLara’s other mission is to strengthen the State and Public Security Council (COSEP). It is the highest agency in terms of security and not a notorious move. For this reason, Monkayo ​​says Lara should make a proposal to the president Lasso Cosepe has a permanent secretariat to coordinate actions.

“We are all concerned because organized crime does not fight against drug trafficking, they limit it. Drug traffickers are keen to have police, military, legislators, mayors in their positions, ”Monkayo ​​said. For this reason, he added, it must have internal controls through counter-intelligence systems to protect employees.


Luis Lara was born on December 27, 1957, in the Canton of Macara in the province of Los Angeles. He graduated in 1983 as a second lieutenant in the infantry. He holds a degree in administration and military science, and holds several diplomas in politics, security, democracy, and intelligence in the contemporary state. His training was developed in Chile and Brazil.

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