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To investigate Lorry in Guadalupe (Pachakutik) begins in the National Assembly. The term of the President of Parliament will be 10 days Expiration To present evidence of their defense in front Complaints Has been filed against him by social Christians Stephen Torres.

The commission responsible for proving Llori investigation This Monday, May 3, 2022, the second session was held. He is the Administrative Council of the Legislature (LimeLast April 11.

The next step will be Notification, To both Llori and Torres, so that they present evidence of their charge and discharge. According to the commissioners, this will happen immediately, although the law gives them three days.

The cause of the lorry is being investigated

It will rely on Torres to present the documents on the basis of which it will refer Lori to an accused. Violation From Function. One of the reasons is not giving way Appeal Twice to the President.

On the other hand, responsible for it Exceed The Legal deadline For Restoration Plenary sessions, keep some of that Paralyzed The activity lasted for more than two months, due to unsuccessful attempts to evaluate it by the UNICEF Corismo and the Social Christian Party (PSC).

Art. Of 166 Legislative law It stipulates that “in order to accept evidence, both the condemning party and the accused party will be accepted at the hearing”, and “no evidence obtained in violation of fundamental rights or obtained through illegal process will be accepted.”

The rule added that “in case of absence, the procedure of dismissal in absence will be followed.” The commission has until May 31 Report Which has no character Binding For full; An impeachment would be based on 70 votes.

Julio Cesar Sarango, a lawyer for the presidency of the assembly, confirmed that some rights had been violated. Llori’s assessment Such as due process, legal certainty and even breach Risk management Granted by a Constitutional Judge.

“What they are doing is completely illegal because if it is illegal from the structure, it is illegal from the qualification, what they are doing is illegal and absolutely void,” he said.

The compromise proposed by Llori

Regarding the possibility of a compromise, Sarango warned that now everything depends on the members of CAL, against whom Lori had filed a lawsuit. Defensive action. He noted that the judge’s term expires today, Thursday.

In a statement dated April 29, Lori called on members of the Assembly to “maintain an open and transparent dialogue for this purpose.” Darwin PereiraThe first member of the CAL said that a compromise was possible if Llori resigned.

“It simply came to our notice then. We have four open legal proceedings, two criminal proceedings where Mrs. Laurie is seeking jail for us. It seems to me that the withdrawal of those cases will be part of the agreement, “said Pereira.

Yesena Guamani (ID), the second vice president, said his political party did not agree with Lori’s resignation, noting that there was. Irregularities In this process

Lori claims within the Commission of Inquiry

Installation in the first session last Thursday Multiparty Commission There was a fake hoax Be careful Bomb

This time too the push continued. The Commissioner They accused Lori of being “rude” for not giving her the opportunity Team So that you can fill the table, including Secretary He was nominated among the associates of the members of the Assembly.

The commission’s chairman, Pedro Zapata (PSC), said he would seek a “relationship” with Lori. “I think he should always think about the organization, not his personal issues,” he said.

In addition to Zapata, it is composed Pamela Aguere (Ounces), Peter Callo (PK)John Vinuja (Independent) and Lucia Plesencia (ID).

Dr. meeting in the room of the commissioners Transparency Commission, Which controls the UNES bench. There is an unresolved approval Timeline Of work.

Meanwhile, Laurie resumed this Tuesday the 690th session of the plenary, which had been adjourned for 16 months, with issues that had previously been postponed by the previous legislature, such as a call to appear before the legislature. Former Health Minister Juan Carlos Jevalos.

Pachakutik changes

On the other hand, Pachakutik bench was appointed Salvador Quihsp As them New coordinatorInstead Rafael Lucero, Who admitted meeting with former President Rafael Correa in Mexico last April. Also, Sophia Sanchez will serve as Deputy Chief.

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