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Lori preaches political struggle in a private session of the report to the nation

“The Political crisis Us Assembly It is not the responsibility of one person, and it is not going to be resolved by the resignation of one person, “he said The President Of Parliament, lorry in GuadalupeOn Collision Politics with MLAs. His remarks were made at the glorious session of this Tuesday, May 24, 2022.

Llori thus referred Collision Policies that are maintained with members of the Legislature correism Union for Hope (unesChristian Social Party (PSC) And its dissent Five-legged And Democratic left (ID). Opposition lawmakers have called for him to be fired for alleged misconduct.

“Despite the violence, the violation of due process and legal certainty, we cannot deny that the political crisis in our legislature is not the responsibility of one person, and it will not be resolved by the resignation of a single person.”

“The National Assembly is responsible for the political crisis 137 Members of Parliament “We must evaluate the fact that some of them are affecting the sessions and delaying the assembly. We have to investigate what they are doing,” he said.

Lori dedicates the word to Lasso

The speech was delivered before President Guillermo Lasso began with a report to the nation. The president described her as “a warrior, an aboriginal woman and an Amazonian woman.”

“With my heart in my heart, I assure you that I, the President of the Ecuadorian Assembly, will always uphold the constitution, the law, the institutions, the governance of our country,” said the head of the legislature.

His speech was accompanied by loud applause from the 500 guests who filled the hemicicycle. Others, such as vice presidents, Virgil SakiselaDo not flinch, sitting on his back. Social Christians like Esteban Torres and Marjorie Chavez did not occupy the third row of the room. They did not come Or Pachakutik dissenting Not even ID. Not even a block correísta.

In this plenary session, just like a year ago, he added, “I call on all political forces to put an end to the conflict that undermines our country’s institutions.”

Despite the struggle, Llori talked about the legislative work

Laurie assured that despite the struggle, “the assembly has never stopped working responsibly. Responding to the genuine concerns of the majority of Ecuadorians, the Assembly has moved on to its great minga for Ecuador, which demands employment, health, education, security and of course many dignity.

President Guillermo Lasso spoke very little about the goal of creating employment or formal employment. Photo: Julio Estrella / EL Commerceo

The head of the legislature has exercised responsibility Processed law Y. Political justice. In turn, he called on the executive to work harder. Lasso and Vice President Alfredo Borero They applauded him from the stage.

“There is no solution to separating or moving away from state power like the National Assembly. Mr. President, we need to be aware that dialogue and Agreement It is not easy to reach them in the diversity of opinion, but I am sure that by renewing our commitment, if we focus on the development of Ecuador, we can reduce tensions and coordinate the work of the people, “he said.

Laurie’s speech took 15 minutes. In the end, he did it in Quechua.

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