Assemblywoman Laurie in Guadalupe has expressed her displeasure over her dismissal, which qualifies her as illegal. Photo: Social Network

The Assemblywoman Lorry in Guadalupe Of Pachakutik (PK) He was upset and talked about the impeachment process by which he was removed from office. The former head of parliament considers that the process against him was part of a plan by “politicians who want to return”.

Lori has been described as an “acquirer” Virgil Sakisela, Who held the vice presidency and was sworn in as the new president of the legislature. Lori said this in an interview Radio Vision in Quito This is Thursday, June 2, 2022.

On May 31, with 81 votes in the 82nd Assembly present at Session 772, the legislators accepted the proposal to remove Laurie from the post of Speaker of the Legislative Assembly for alleged breach of duty. He left after the allegation was filed by the MLA Social Christian Party (PSC), Stephen Torres.

Lori points to Korea, Nabot and Iza

That is what the lady of the assembly said Will not resign At his pachakutik party, since he has a 25-year history of resistance. “I will continue to work for the province of Ecuador and Orleana.”

As for Sakisela, he revealed that he had “occupied the presidency, the circus they have set up.” He considered the process illegal and said it was “part of a plan.” Korea, Nabot and Ija“, For one”Delivery Of Charge ” In the stall

“The presidency of the assembly was illegally taken over by attack … I am a believing woman … God will not allow an illegitimate president to stay in Ecuador and those who want the distribution of plenary and the intention to gain control of the Citizens’ Participation Council”, he indicated.

Llori indicated that he would continue fighting and Approves That “it does not violate any of the rules or legal procedures of the biological law of legal action.” The lawmaker said the controls occurred because they were close to electing new authorities, such as the “regulatory office, the attorney general, the ombudsman, and members of the National Electoral Council.”

For Laurie, “Christian Social Party (PSC) He wants a lawyer to measure it, while (Correísmo) Unión por la Esperanza (Unes) They want impunity, they want true commissions.

Laurie says she has experienced violence

When asked about his office in the presidency, he said, “I did not have time to take out my little things. He (Sakisela) arrogantly and illegally occupied the office.” He further said that he thinks that there is in the assembly Racism And violence against women politicians.

He reiterated that the process against him showed the weakness of democracy in the country.

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