Victoria Sanchez is a second, third and fourth grade teacher at Susanna Sampin School. Photo: Enrique Pesantes / EL COMERCIO

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The Lego pieces scattered on Jesus’ desk are shaped like a harvester. His imagination shows him the way SchoolWhen it crosses the paddy field El Naranjo compound (Doula).

The 4-year-old left home early in the morning, still sleeping with his mother and younger siblings. Cross a canal with the canoe and reach the 40-minute walk through the muddy trail Susanna Sampin Educational UnitWhich leads to the cantonal head at the foot of the road.

“Since we’re so far away, we’re waiting for you here,” said Jessica Salas, Jesus’ mother, sitting next to a group of guardians at the stand. They sacrifice all morning but prefer Face to face class Because they could not find the internet signal in their house, they could not even climb the tree.

The Go back to school In Rural areas Of Coast Started years ago, with Voluntary return From December. Now this month 478,340 students They have returned with 100% power to 3,793 establishments in the middle of the crop, by the river, in the hills or in remote villages.

For some Transfer This is one Crossing Launched again after two years. They are a wide route that ends Shared classroom By varying degrees.

Susanna Sampin has three Classroom And three teachers for 82 students from elementary to seventh grade. Its director, Matilda Bernal, walks through the classroom, where corridors between benches restrict one grade to another; Each class has three different age groups.

“It’s a division by level – says Bernal. – With the little ones we work on their adaptations to stories and songs; with others we work on reading, writing and math; the greatest has forgotten about the board.”

The Tutoring – Because of the gaps left by the epidemic – it’s a challenge biteacher school Y. Single teacher That predominance Rural areas. Ronald is a teacher, director and leader of the numerous Bellavista communities, where St. Francis of Assisi Unit.

Students walk, cycle, and motorbike to reach the Madardo Alfaro Center on the Candelajo de Ariba campus (Salitre). Photo: Enrique Pesantes / EL COMERCIO

“Welcome to this school of the millennium,” he joked while showing the only newly built pavilion at the beginning of the year with 14 boys in grades one through seven.

Here they are Access roadThey change the cover, plaster the floor, paint the walls, and the professor creates a system with a hose that connects to a nearby river so that there is direct water in the bathroom faucet and Biosecurity.

The Infrastructure In remote areas it is still a pending work and Gabriel Casanas has acknowledged it. The under-secretary of school administration has speculated that they have plans 2,000 Reopen More than 5,000 rural schools have been closed since 2008. “We want distance not to be an obstacle in the way of education. That is why we are planning to build one thousand rural educational institutions. ” 100 were rebuilt in 2021 and will have 200 interventions this year.

The name is School of the Republic of Ecuador It has been deleted. Cows are now grazing in his abandoned yard. Neighbors say it closed in 2016 due to a lack of children in the neighborhood and they relocated a few of them. Students 300 meters away at 5D Mayo School.

Instead Christopher Columbus, At the Las Yucas de Salitre venue, is working, although construction of a new hall for the primary is halfway done. “There are no teachers for the little ones,” said Angela Cruz, a grandmother. We have to wait for them to grow up and enroll in first grade or have the money to take them to a more distant school every day. ”

The farthest campus is Xenon Village, which has integrated five since 2013 Neighborhood Center In San Nicolas Princeton. The Evening ride This is for 194 high schools only. “At least 40% of them will go to university, the problem is the economic part,” said Rector Carlos Chipre.

In the Candilejo de Arriba venue, also in Saltpeter, A metal bridge was built that connects the Madardo Alfaro unit with 320 boys. Work transfers are easier, though Students They keep coming from far and wide.

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