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Hamadryade Lodge is not just a boutique located in the center of the Amazon rainforest. The hotel in Hamdariyad is peaceful, it is lost in the middle of the jungle to rediscover itself, it is able to breathe real air into the lungs of our planet. The Hamadryade Hotel is a family that opens the door to make your trip to Ecuador an unforgettable experience.

Defined by a modern-ethnic design, it is characterized by its Franco-Ecuadorian haute food and its unique experience. Our chefs are at your disposal to delight your palate with unique and delicate flavors from our region.

The simple idea of ​​hamadryade provides splendor and exclusivity in the middle of the Amazon jungle. The place was created with a balance between nature and comfort for the well-being of our guests. It is a luxury hotel built with materials selected to honor and preserve nature. This beautiful place was created within 65 hectares of primary and secondary forest, just 5 km from Puerto Misahulli, all to give you a memorable experience. Here you will find space to awaken your senses and reconnect with nature.

Feed your eyes in our main room view, discover the Amazon green ocean along the Napo River. Relax in our lounge, enjoy the sounds of the jungle, drink and enjoy our chef’s creations. It is also the perfect place to meet our nature-loving guests. Here you will immerse yourself in our little paradise while our team anticipates your needs and will be present and help you live perfectly.

Hamadryade Lodge is committed to a sustainable approach to tourism based on the natural landscape, support of its local economy and historical culture, which provides the traveler with a unique and local experience. Cabins, trails and infrastructure use existing topographic contours and open spaces to blend into the natural landscape while minimizing the direct impact on the natural movement of plants and water and wildlife.

To avoid early deforestation, the cabins and infrastructure are made entirely of the region’s renewable forest wood. Its design and architectural structure are unique, innovative and contemporary. The lodge that surrounds the waterfall and the waterfall that comes from the natural spring. A water treatment plant (biodigester and garden biofilter) filters used water (gray and black water separately) before returning it to the soil.

We are currently committed to restoring the rainforest ecosystem by planting indigenous trees and other natural plants that are vital to our local wildlife and our commitment to carbon neutrality. We believe that the part of life you give to others is what you get, which is why we are committed to helping the local communities of Machaku Yaku and Mushuk Alpa. As such, we offer discussions on environmental education and support for their tourism projects.

Ecotourists are travelers who have gone beyond the traditional boundaries of conventional hotel chains. They tend to be responsible travelers who seek authentic local experiences where they can interact with indigenous peoples to learn about their cultural norms. Therefore, we expect eco-friendly tourists who want to immerse themselves in the tropical forest, who respect local customs and the peace of the jungle.

Walk the trail, breathe in the fresh air, be aware of your senses and listen to the sounds of the forest. Here and now. Positive mind, positive vibe, positive life. We invite you to sleep in a ham and go to the pool, perhaps, with a good book, a great cocktail and finally a new perspective on life.

A unique moment at Hamadryade Lodge is ideal for taking the opportunity to recover, disconnect from the city and reconnect with yourself.

Bon Apetit!

We are celebrating 17 years of our inauguration, a combination of gastronomic innovation and French and Ecuadorian flavors. Located in the middle of the rainforest, our 22-seat restaurant offers outdoor dining with jungle views. Inspired by French cuisine, our chef gives you a taste of the regional organic ingredients used in our exclusive gourmet dishes.

Our small gardens offer fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the year. We produce products from Amazon and Andean vegetables in Permaculture. Our small farm offers a selection of our Creole chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese and sheep.

Enjoy, celebrate, travel and dream.

Ideal place for your celebration!

For both you and us, your celebration is important. Our restaurant is ideal for your event; From romantic poolside dinners, birthdays, to handmade orders to cocoa workshops, Hamadriad Restaurant is ready to create a unique experience for you every time.

Practice yoga, meditate or enjoy a treat at our spa!

Quiet, remote and charming, it invites us to immerse ourselves in nature out of the routine of urban life. Our spa is designed to help you do this: unplug, then plug in again. Our selected treatments are designed to soothe the body and mind, helping you to feel this ancient forest and its animals more intimately. Enjoy a treat, take a dip in the pool and practice yoga or meditation in a retreat area that offers beautiful views of the jungle.

Amazon encourages us to see the world again.

Amazon’s best experience in Ecuador!

The “Hamdrid’s experience” Always with a personalized service will allow you to discover the most activities in a short time. Get ready to start a memorable adventure with this package. Choose activities together with your guide according to your wishes and weather.

The “Culture and Adventure Packages” Dedicated to deepening your knowledge about Amazon with memorable and unique experiences The activities you choose with our best guides will connect you deeply with nature. With this package, you can get the best experience of Amazon from the comfort of Hamadriad Lodge.

Your life “Honeymoon” A romantic farewell like no other. For those looking for romance, adventure and relaxation, Amazon offers a fantastic experience. The soothing sounds of the forest and the lively sunset will make every aspect of your honeymoon in the jungles of Ecuador unforgettable.


  • 19px in the cabin
  • 6px at Glamping

From $ 80 to $ 222 per night with breakfast.

Contact: Reception: 0980969518 / (06) 299 9140 / [email protected]



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