In the days of the protests in Quito, the streets around El Arbolito Park were an area of ​​clashes between protesters and manpower. Photo: The Trade

In addition to public space, the surrounding area has been destroyed Tree ParkAlso downstairs Building, Commercial premises Y Kiosk This is the sector and the road Homeland Was affected by Demonstration Inside Quito.

There was another one where the clash took place Marshall, Several blocks from the House of Ecuadorian Culture (CCE). The weekly holiday atmosphere on Saturday, June 25 and Sunday, June 26, 2022 was the same: broken windows, businesses affected and closed by protests. Some of these roads were still under the control of police agents.

On Patria and Amazonas Avenue, the only open kiosk was Olga Toktakuizar. The woman said she was affected by the protest, as she could not open it regularly Business. “Before, on a good day, I used to sell for around মার্কিন 50 a day. I can’t sell 3 3 these days. ”

The Merchant He reports that They stole A part of his kiosk, and for safety it was only open from 8:00 to 14:00. He assured that it depends a lot on what the situation was like at the place of closure at different times.

There was a post near this place Bikes, This place was separated from the sidewalk and used as a slope in Av. Homeland, when fighting was going on between protesters and law enforcement agents. Broken glass, damaged sidewalks and damaged trees were the trend in the sector.

Vehicles are again plying on Patria Avenue. Although the movement of vehicles started, the wreckage remained.

Clean the fighting zone

El Arbolito was no longer on the street near the park Ruins Or the remnants of a protest that was registered until Friday, June 24th. Military And other entities carried out cleaning in the area from the night before to Saturday morning 25.

Roads and trees in the vicinity of 12th Avenue were also affected. Inside the park were found branches and some cobblestones that had been removed from the sidewalk to break up and throw soldiers. The picture on December 6 on av was similar. Some commercial premises, though low, have reopened over the weekend due to low voltage in the area.

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