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Llori withdraws the vacancy plan and summons the full assembly

Roger Village. Editor (I)

The The President Of Rally, lorry in Guadalupe (Pachakutik), called for this Friday, April 1, 2022, full for a resume Session Has been suspended for that Events.

Lori on the morning of March 30 at the Legislative Administration Council (Lime) Where he a Proposal To benefit from this state function first Break.

The members of this body agree that the assembly should meet, nevertheless Constitution And the law considers two Vacation Every year for this organization; The last one was given at the end of 2021.

Agenda in the session

This includes the agenda for the 766th Plenary Session scheduled for Friday, April 1. The first debate Bill’s for Progressive use However, the plenary must first find a solution Appeal Per Presidency Presented by Llori that last February 24th PSC And correismAnd which led Events.

The two benches have approved that they will insist that a Multiparty Commission In Plenary which evaluates the management of Llori and CAL.

Block dialog

Ruling party bloc chief, John Ferdinand FlowerThe benches have been called for an “immediate dialogue” to resolve the crisis

“It is not a matter of the person leading the assembly, it is not the assembly itself that is sustainable and it needs to be reviewed. Because if we are going to review a single person then let’s review its work Commission137 MLAs ”, he mentioned.

However, the head of the PSC block. Stephen TorresAnd Bruno Segovia, exPachakutikThey called on Lori to “step aside”, accusing her of violating the law Parliamentary system To avoid a Evaluation.

The president adjourned another plenary session after Tuesday (770) Karista Blasco LunaFrom the bench unesA motion was asked to include an assessment of CAL Mario RuizFrom Five-leggedTo condemn President Guillermo Lasso’s allegations of blackmail against legislators.

“Something very serious happened yesterday, (Lori) tried to force a motion which was not a proponent and it disturbed the whole assembly. Almost authoritarian attitude. That’s what made things hot, “said Darwin Pereira (PK), the first CAL member.

Lawmakers reprimanded Laurie for apparently making a gesture with the third finger of his hand as he left the plenary, although he made it clear on Twitter that he had only adjusted his glasses.

The Bench They had plans for one this Wednesday Meeting From Character Saved.

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