Session 774 of Lori Plenary adjourned. Photo: Assembly

President of the Council, Lorry in Guadalupe (PK), 774 has canceled the plenary session scheduled for this Tuesday, May 17 at 3:00 pm, as a new challenge for those who want it to be Removed from office.

Lori has been informed of this decision MLA An hour before the call, without explanation. It was rejected by its opponents, such as Mario Ruiz and Darwin Pereira, from the Pachukutik (PK) extremist group.

Mario Ruiz blames Lori for their decision to make a request Change in agenda Plenary demands that he remove the legislature’s legal coordinator, Santiago SalazarTo sponsor legal action against legislators.

Darwin Pereira, the first member of the CAL, noted that Llori “has it Perverted attitude Led by the National Assembly. The time has come for the President to resign and for this Assembly to function, “he said.

On the agenda was a resolution of the ethics committee report recommending a file of allegations filed by Ethel Jumbrano against Coresta Fernanda Astudillo (UNES) for allegedly managing public funds due to lack of support. Also the Chancellor’s presence in the repatriation of Ecuadorians to Ukraine.

Conflict in CAL

The struggle for control of the assembly has also been focused on LimeDue to lack of quorum, three consecutive meetings could not be held this month.

Official Natalie Arias First Vice President, Virgilio Sakisela (Ind.), And members Darwin Pereira (PK), Ronnie Allega (Ones) and Johanna Morera (ID) have maintained that “there is a deliberate act of leaving CAL sessions without a quorum.” ), Who did not join Call They did not give any excuse.

“In this particular case, there are minor, serious and extremely serious administrative restrictions and it is serious to leave without a quorum,” he said.

Second Vice-President of the Legislative Assembly, Yesena Guamani (ID), assuring that his bench sought information from the General Secretariat about the latest session of the action.

But both Pereira and Alega have denied any wrongdoing or boycotted Lori. Morera, meanwhile, attacked Guamani: “He sold himself to be torn to pieces”, he said.

Pereira argued that the president convened the CAL session when its members must attend the committee session.

Rafael Lucero, a former coordinator of the Pachakutik block, considers that all CAL authorities should be evaluated.

“We hope the president, in the next session, will record Order of the day So that the Assembly can know and resolve existing grievances (against) other members of the Plenary CAL, “he said.

If not, Lucero has warned that they will present Complaint of breach of duty Against every law-making authority.

“The only thing that matters to them is protecting their own immunity.” # The President of the Assembly, Guadalupe Lori, gave a speech. Correismo has left the hemisphere »

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