The Living wages This is an income that the worker must meet while meeting his basic personal needs and the needs of his family Fixed incomes not enough.

The Workers Those who did not receive a living wage The time of 2021 Or receive compensation from their company Normal people need to be held accountable, Those who gained last year. Payment deadline is March 31st.

March 15, The Ministry of Labor A ministerial-level agreement has been issued to define the payment guidelines and amounts, which is USD 447.41 for this year.

The current salary is higher than the living wage

To define this amount Salary The value of the basic basket is divided by 1.6. This figure corresponds to the average number of people earning an average household in Ecuador.

In 2021, d Basic basket Was located in US dollars 712. That value is divided by 1.6 recipients, an amount of USD available 445.41. However, the value cannot be lower than 2020, so this year will have to pay more.

To know if the worker owes Equalize Living wages, ministerial level agreements indicate that certain standards must be considered. There are in them Monthly Salary, Tenth, 2021 Reserve Fund, Commission, Utilities, among others.

Xavier Sisa, former employer representative National Assembly of Labor and WagesIndicates that the total income that an employee gets Unified Basic Salary (SBU) Now he is big. This income can reach USD 500 Monthly, he said.

That is why he considers that “it increases indiscriminately SBU “ For three years, compensation for payment Living wages Minimum He speculated that the image might be obsolete.

Some workers benefit from compensation

However, for Labor lawyer, Vanessa Velasquez, This compensation is necessary and especially effective for those who work Give part Or worked in a company for less than a year.

“In the case that I manage, at least 80% of the compensated workers are from such a situation,” he said.

Sisa realized that the image could be useful now, in time Extreme, For the people under its image Short time And it does not reach the amount of living wages.

Velásquez stressed that employers must comply with this obligation, before Share the profits. The law stipulates that if this happens, 100% of the profits must be used for this purpose.

This salary was fixed Organic codes of production, trade and investment, Valid since 2010.

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