Richard Karapaz Giro d’Italia wants to return to the top 10, this May 8, 2022, when in the third round Italy spin.

This is one of the longest stages of the competition. Cyclists on this occasion 201 kilometers In the plane Kaposavar and Balatonford, No climbing, it makes for a perfect day for sprinters.

After the time trial in which Dr. Record 12:18, Carapaz Ordinary wants to go back to the top of the table. Here’s how the competition progresses:

Km 53:

Matthias Bais was the first to cross the middle sprint from Badaksoni.

80 km

The platoon begins to put pressure on the leaders and closes the gap with a pitchfork; They were placed at 2:20.

100 km:

Filippo Tagliani, Samuel Rivey and Matia Bais made the first break of the day. Karapaz is in the first platoon.

Km 132:

The riders went through the Nagikanijsa Intermediate Sprint. Filippo Tagliani of Androni Giokatoli took the first cross and took points.

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