The Liga de Quito will arrive in Guayaquil City this Saturday at 8:00 pm. Photo: Twitter @LDU_Oficial

The Date 14 Of Ligapro It has already started and it can be sure for the winning candidates on stage. The first was conflict Friday 20 May Between Cumbayá and 9 October.

The Opening match It was among the teams fighting for relegation. The capital team has won 3-2 And the people of Guayaquil are in last place Scale.

There is a fight at the top of the table Five teamsWhen the chances of securing a place in the final are the highest three. Del Valle and the League in Barcelona, ​​the Independent They can carry their definition until the last date. Emelek and Catholic UniversityIn turn, these days may exhaust their chances.

Barcelona Is the leader with 27 points And he has to leave his house to face the sky. Capital is in the team Sixth class And Cesar Farias has maintained an unbeaten three games since his arrival.

Valley is independent With is the top escort 26 units And have won their last five matches Ligapro. In case of victory and other results in his favor, he can take the lead Bullfighting.

League of Quito There are options and could overtake Barcelona or take second place IDV. There are albos 25 points And mouth The city of Guayaquil As a visitor.

One of the novelties of this date is that The two conflicts will take place in a unified schedule, Will be the leaders of this championship. Then Time and broadcast Encounter.

Friday, May 20th

Game: October 9 vs Kumbaya.
Time: 19:00

Saturday 21st May

Game: Dolphins vs. Gualasio.
Time: 15:00

Game: Amelek vs. Catholic University.
Time: 5:30 p.m.

Game: Guayaquil City vs. League of Quito.
Time: 20:00

Sunday 22 May

Game: Macara vs. University Technician.
Time: 16:30

Game: Akas vs Barcelona.
Time: 19:00

Game: Independent of the Valley vs. Mushuk Runa.

Monday 23 May

Game: Deportivo Cuenca vs. Orens
Time: 19:00

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