The Quito League players are celebrating a goal. Photo: Twitter Archive LDU_Oficial

This only serves the league to win the Dolphins on May 14, 2022 to maintain the winning options in the first round of the LigaPro in Ecuador.

The Albosra received humanity at the Rodrigo Paz Delgado Stadium, north of Quito, at 6:00 p.m.

Liga de Quito is fifth in the standings with 22 units. With this, university students do not rely on themselves to win the stage but they still have options.

Barcelona is at the top of the tournament with 26 points. The Canaries will play Deportivo Cuenca on May 15 and they are the club with the best options to win on stage.

Católica (23 points), IDV (23) and Emelec (22) above ‘U’ in the classification. They are a team that also expects a push from the Canaries to try to win the first round of the tournament.

To try to win on stage, university students need to win the rest of their matches and wait for the leader Barcelona, ​​the Blues, the Stripes and the Camerata to stop.

But before the numbers start to build, the Lilies need a win against this May 14 female cast.

He called on the fans to attend the game. What’s more, those who buy their tickets will also be able to enter the game of Gereras Albas on Sunday, May 15 at 11:00, the women’s league team that will receive UPS, as well as Rodrigo Paz.

In the match held at the White House on May 14, Dr. SC Dolphin Comes in seventh box with 19 units.

At a later date, the Liga Deportiva will go to the University of Guayaquil. Then, he will close the stage with Rodrigo Paz’s Makara.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins will receive Gualacio in the jockey and visit La Catalica at the end of the stage.

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