This Saturday, June 25, 2022, it was revealed that Leonidas Iza, chief No Going towards it Basilica In the center of the national vote, Quito. Indigenous leaders and the government were called to the scene to begin the dialogue

It is expected to be a representative GovernmentAlthough there was no pronunciation until 13:32 Rule.

The final appointment will be made on the 13th day of the protests this Saturday after the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly called for their dialogue.

Iza moved to Ecuador after lecturing at Central University

Leonidas Iza, President of the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Ecuador (CONAI), this Saturday, June 25 afternoon, Central University He said the strike was continuing and asked “products that are on the ground we can move to Quito to continue the fight”.

He said “to create a minga in the places where they sleep and eat” thanking universities for allowing them access to their facilities.

He said that “this (indigenous) organization will guarantee all the processes for dialogue with all state systems to achieve a” multinational and multicultural “society.”

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