Leonidas Iza participated in the second popular gathering of the tribal movement. Photo: Capture

On the 13th day of the unification called by the Ecuadorian Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (KONAI), the second popular assembly was held. Agora Of Home Of Culture.

Leonidas Iza called for respect for this 13-day unity, which, according to Iza, is full of violence and racism.

He recalled the 2019 protests where they were mistreated and described as violent. And he made a call for reflection in the upper class. They should remember where the food on their table comes from. And that “63% of all Ecuadorian genes are rune genes.”

He insisted that Ecuador This is a society Intercultural Y Multinational. Called to learn to live with others. Set aside Colonial mentality Y Fascist.

He paid tribute to the six killed. “They will always be remembered as the brave men who gave their lives for the good of the country.” Iza said, applauding for a minute before giving way as a sign of respect.

He said to respect and take care of each other to avoid further death. Also thanks for the cooperation Paramedics That was vital in the last days of unemployment.

I call for resistance, referring to the fact that they are a peaceful people, but when it becomes difficult to walk they will always hold on and fight.

He called for unity among trade unions such as taxi drivers, dealers, etc. That “they create wealth.”

He said the facilities of the university, cultural meetings and places where the tribals are resting should be kept clean.

He thanked Solidarity Quito neighborhood Who gave them food and shelter.

In conclusion, I emphasize that you do not want the removal of the President. Look for a state where society lives in peace.

In its agora Home Of Culture Indigenous, Defendant, Academic and Student shared the objectives of the movement No.


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