Leonidas Iza addressed the aborigines who were waiting outside Liceo Matovelle. Photo: The Trade

President of Kanai, Leonidas IsaMatovelle left Lyceum this Tuesday, June 28 at 5:10 pm to respond to the concerns of people outside of these facilities.

Iza insisted that they should Stay calm. He further mentioned that the process they are carrying out inside is not over yet and they will go out from time to time to report the situation.

The leader said those inciting violence would pass in front of their guards to explain where they came from.

“I do not acknowledge that they are in favor of individualism. Leaders have a decision and must fulfill it, ”Iza said.

The leader of Konai explained that they were in a moment where they needed results and that what had happened in Shushufindi had re-emerged. Tensions in the dialogue. That’s why he said, they are there House of CultureCentral University, Celsian University and La Gasca meet in those places without any reaction.

He further said that he will hold a meeting at the same place awaiting the results. Those who were outside the place asked their leaders to speak to them because they were not considered.

These words were given later Guarantor of dialogueThe Assembly, CNE and Transparency International will ask the government to return to the table to continue the talks, as the President William Lasso He revealed that he would not have a dialogue with Izar after the violent incident in Sucumbios, where a soldier was killed.


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