Leonard Bell In the afternoon he had a dream. The Ecuadorians scored a hat-trick in the 3-2 win over Inter Miami The New England RevolutionBy MLS.

The Players Appeared in Barcelona SC Controversial 90 minutes With his team and taking all Applause In the journey The first half Structure Two lots And in the second, One.

The Inter-Miami Received The first goal However, in the 11th minute of the match Campaign To place Equality In 17 minutes. After receiving a Hub From the right, Gunman Entered the middle of the two defenses and scored a goal Header.

A Five minutes Of the first The goalCame from a low pass On the left In its area The New England Revolution. The Ecuadorian Take the ball and with a Left elephant Sent the ball Network background.

The For the first time Ended with a Victory Part of it 2-1 For the team MiamiBut manage visitors Complementary For Level Meeting from Penalty spot.

When everything points Match There will be an end TieReappeared Campaign. Later Rebound Of Rival goalkeeperThe Soccer players Recover the ball and send it Inside the arch.

This is the hall The first victory For him Inter-Miami In season. The team is at the bottom of the US football table.

CAmpana It was Goal scorer Of South American U-20 Y. Keeper With Ecuador in 2019. Before coming mls Was in Grasshopper Switzerland and in Wolverhampton From England.


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