Barcelona 1 Olympique de Lyon 3


Blaugrana was overtaken by the French champions, who added their eighth continental title. “We lack everything,” Alexia Putelas acknowledged

Bar player
The Bara players thanked the public for their support.K. HUESCAEFE

Pride in football is not eternal. It is chased, it occasionally grazes and among others, fast and accurate, it escapes. The Olympique de Leon Gave a lesson Big In turn, a landslide with a message: We are going to postpone our oblivion. They grabbed their eighth European Cup to give the team a push to snatch it. They didn’t give him the slightest chance, and the crowd of 14,000 Blaugrana fans at Juventus Stadium burst into tears that he couldn’t hold back. Alexia Putelas. Suffering and helplessness for the team that sparked the passion for Spanish women’s football.

The team could not Jonathan Girdez The French contained half an hour of storm. The barracks have to sink, gurgle at their wounds and try to find the football that took them to the end. It wasn’t easy. In the fast-paced game they kept pushing one after the other until they found themselves with three goals in the 33rd minute. It was not planned. The tough final between the glorious French team and the brightest squad destined for their success in the history of European women’s football was colorless. As of 2019, the French rebelled and were able to handcuff a barracks lying in defense, its star asleep and unharmed. Quite the opposite of Leon, who grabbed Ada Heiderberg To deal with more and more sure injuries.

Like that final in Budapest, the landslide started in the 6th minute when Amandin Henry He stole the ball from Alexia and put it in Sandra Paos’ squad with a very distant cross shot. In search of the answer, Mariona filtered a pass behind the defense that converted Aitana Bonmat to a cross. Jennifer is beautiful That Andler’s hand prevents it from being tied. Bara seems to be about to shake off the pressure of her right-back lost Lyon Carpenter I took advantage of it for the injury Ralph To pull the ball to Hermoso, but acceleration was not possible.

Without a break, Alexia Outshon and without a hit, the second French goal came. A defense center led by Ada Hagerberg in the face of the inaction of the Barাa defense. Neither Mapi Lane nor Paus read the Norwegian move, who scored his sixth goal in the Champions League final. After being out of the field for 20 months due to a serious knee injury, he wanted to be a hero. So much so that he had two more chances to do the third, which didn’t take long.

After the loss in midfield the chain error ball stumbled to the far post where it appeared Macarias To score, Paus saved another shot from Hagerberg to prevent him from showing four.

The Lyon players have lifted their eighth European Champions Trophy.
The Lyon players have lifted their eighth European Champions Trophy.EFE

Alexia’s goal and Guizarro’s crossbar

Bara reacts against the rope at the end of the break. Hansen put the ball inside the ball where it appeared in the penalty spot Alexia From the second row should give a little hope among the French centralists.

The dominance of the scoreboard was so irresistible that the Cools could no longer reduce it. They came back from the locker room and tried to force their style, forcing Lyon to win the individual doubles and find the goalkeeper, but their best chance was a powerful shot. Bride pebbles That crossbar is wrecked. With Leon managing their facilities efficiently, it was impossible. “We all lack a little bit. It hurts me so much to end up like this.” One afternoon of frustration Alexia could explain Putelas.

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