LeBron James during the Lakers game in 2021. Photo: Tim Twitter

American basketball star LeBron James He became the first player NBA Active which has accumulated more than USD 1,000 million assets, according to Forbes MagazineWhich compiles a list of the richest people in the world.

The publication dedicates an article to the 37-year-old athlete and reveals that he has amassed some 5 385 million playing for the best teams, including Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat and Los Angeles লে 900 million from Lakers, its advertising collaboration and other businesses.

He is the second professional basketball player to make this list After Michael JordanWho has achieved this after ten years Retired from the NBAWhen he invests in the team Charlotte Hornets.

The son of a 16-year-old single mother in Ohio, James began to stand on the high school court and made his first signing. Approval agreement with Nike at age 18, A collaboration that became “for life” in 2015 and contributes millions of dollars annually to their account.

According to Forbes, one of the keys to the athlete’s growing wealth is his insistence on investing in the capital of companies with which he deals in advertising. Blaze Pizza Pizza Chain Or ride sharing firm Lyft.

Another significant contribution, about মার্কিন 300 million, came from his production company Spring Hill CompanyWhich last produced Distribution of “Space Jam” And her work includes a “biopic” about her career, a documentary about tennis player Naomi Osaka, and a new version of the “House Party” movie.

Also, he is a shareholder in Fenway Sports, which has stakes in several sports teams and owns about 90 90 million and owns three. Palace worth about USD 80 million.


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