A weight against former Vice President George Glass and his brothers Herberto and Sylvia Allowance claimWhich he had to give to his father George Glass Old. So this Saturday, May 7, 2022, we’ll tell you how the process works.

The father of a former vice president has been convicted of raping a 12-year-old girl. As a result of this abuse, the minor became pregnant and gave birth to a son.

For this reason, since 2012, the court ordered that Glas Viejó Salary Monthly maintenance to the victim’s son. However, he died on February 21, 2022.

For this reason, the family of the minor filed a case The court Guas family, women, childhood and adolescence against the Glass Espinel brothers. The purpose is that they now pay that monthly.

Why should the brothers take that edibleness?

Article 5 Biological code of childhood and adolescence Establishes that when fathers or mothers cannot provide child support due to “absence, disability, insufficient resources or disability”, the first to assume that the monthly payment is grandparents. Otherwise, siblings over the age of 21 will have to pay this monthly, and thirdly, uncles.

“The competent authority shall order that the provision of food be paid or completed by one or more of the supporting obligations (grandparents, siblings and uncles) according to their financial capacity and until they are incapacitated.” What are the conditions of this regulation?

In addition, it states that when the parents have no income or insufficient to meet the needs of the minor, the judge may order the relatives to pay a certain amount in part or in full.

How does the country work?

According to the same Children’s Code, payments begin after the claim is filed.

A magistrate is responsible for determining Monthly amountIn addition to subsidies and additional benefits for children or adolescents.

If the minor or his / her representative requests it, the money must be deposited “in advance monthly installments, within the first five days of each month, and in the case of subsidies and additional benefits, on the date indicated for that purpose.” Ideal.

If two or more alimony is not paid, the judge will order the borrower to leave the country and prohibit its inclusion in the Judiciary Council’s debtors’ registry.

Then, until the loan is repaid, that list will be sent to the bank and insurance superintendent for inclusion of debtors in the registry system or risk center.

Deprivation of liberty for maintenance debtors

If the father or mother fails to pay two or more alimony, a magistrate will order personal coercion, meaning deprivation of liberty for up to 30 days and a ban on leaving the country. Inside Reunion casePersonal emergency will be extended for another 60 days and maximum 180 days.

Grandparents, siblings and uncles who fail to comply with established payments for food needs will also be deprived of their freedom and will be barred from leaving their country.

The case was filed in a Family, Women, Childhood and Adolescent Court in #Guas. Https://bit.ly/3wcWSpv

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