This Tuesday night, April 12, 2022 University Sports League Won 4-0 against Antofagasta Conmeable South American Cup.

With the historian Edison Mendez Y. Giovanni Espinoza As the coach in charge of the professional squad, Rodrigo Paz had no resistance from the University team to their first win at the Delgado Stadium.

However, for the first time Albos lacked the concept of play in midfield And they did not create a very encouraging image for their fans who gradually became impatient when they saw that they did not go to the goal of Diego Sanchez Carvajal with danger.

At the start of the second half, Adelso Munoz and Joao Ortiz were replaced by Nilson Angulo and Michael Hoyes, respectively. The changes took effect on the scoreboard immediately.

Combination 47 minutes between Hoyos and AnguloThe 16-year-old Ecuadorian striker finished the first goal of the ‘King of Cup’.

The Chileans did not know how to cope with the emotional impact and quickly saw their fence fall a second time. In the 50th minute, Juan Cornejo scored a suicide goal After a free kick by Alexander Alvarado which the visiting defenders could not clear.

The whites’ play intensity was low, but that didn’t stop them from scoring. Thomas Molina in the 77th minuteNielsen declared the Ecuadorians victory with a pass from Anguilla.

Again at 90 + 2 Angulo, the field figure, scored his second individual goal And, fourth of his team, a fair and necessary victory seal.

They were rescued at the table

Before the game, the win was a goal that the league must achieve at all costs. When you achieve this They were placed second with three unitsBehind Atletico Goianiens, who is the leader of Group F, including six.

Another reason for concern for the university students was the goal difference, which was -4, after a 4-0 defeat to the Goianiens on the first date.

Tuesday’s win lets him recover on this item and Now their goal difference is zero.

On the third day, the people of Quito will travel to Argentina Deal with defense and justice. The match will take place on April 28 at the Norberto “Tito” Tomaghelo Stadium. The clashes started at 5:15 pm (Ecuador time).

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