President of the Council, Lorry in Guadalupe, Evaluates the first year of operating this function. Meanwhile, he is in favor of legal action against the opposition majority. He maintained that the process of removing him from office was flawed and that he would not back down.

Within a week it will be the first year of the Assembly’s conduct, how to evaluate it from 1 to 10?

I rate 10. Listen to what I have to say, I rate 10, because the legal, supervisory and administrative work is 10/10. If politicians want to tarnish the good work we have done, that is another thing, but it is a definite thing. Sometimes there are up to 26 committee sessions in one day, 4 CAL sessions per week, 2 full sessions. This is what the people of Ecuador told us to do. The Assembly does not perform its functions, but it does make, legislate, and oversee.

Can you point out three errors that you can recognize during this time?

(He took seven seconds before answering and sighed.) As Speaker of the Assembly, I did not violate any parliamentary rules or procedures. In addition, I fully adhere to my abilities and qualities. I don’t know if it’s a political error, perhaps, there has been very little communication.

And complaints about plans to buy a high-priced vehicle or a deal for the event with the ান 6 Empanadas?

Well, they said it all. But they have not been able to prove it to this day. In reality, everything has been an absolute lie.

Why did it become the apple of Pachakutik controversy?

It was a surprise to me when I learned that six members of the five-member legislature who had declared themselves rebels had even asked for a multi-party commission. When I found out, I remember posting a tweet saying I was sorry at first, then angry, because I expected this attitude from another bench, not from my own colleagues.

There was some internal friction but this is common to all benches, not just pachakutik. But I think there are other kinds of interests behind them, for example, they feel very protected by their partner Leo Iza. They just joined the pachakuti while we, with the Salvador Quishop, have been at the pachakuti for over 25 years.

Rebels accuse you of being pro-government …

I am not a government official. I have been proud of Pachkutik for 25 years. In addition, I do not understand why they accuse me of being pro-government because if you are right, at the beginning of my administration, when they sent us the first urgent economic law to qualify, we sent it back because it did not happen. Meet the requirements. They waged a fierce campaign against the assembly. This was one of our first humiliating crises.

Have you met with President Lasso or a government minister?

No. Instead, I went to a few meetings. For example, the latest was the appointment of an anti-corruption secretary.

And you were able to talk to Lasso?

Couldn’t talk yet.

If the multi-party commission for his investigation decides for 81 votes and his dismissal depends on 70 votes, then what is his fate?

Well, you know that everything that starts badly ends badly and this process is flawed from the beginning.

What do you say to those who want to judge politics?

No. We have ended the political issue. I was always looking for a dignified way, but the answer was arrogance, coercion and it reminded me of my past when I was tortured, when I was imprisoned.

And don’t you think that you have gone too far? The prosecutor’s office notified 93 assembly members of the investigation.

It’s not that they removed the president because they didn’t have the procedure, they didn’t have the law. Thus, former President Jose Serrano was removed by vote and there was no procedure. From there, there was a reform of the law, where the procedure for dismissal of an authority existed. So Parliament must be respected.

Won’t you withdraw the charges against them?

I have filed a complaint. But until then. From there I did not recognize the signature and signature or I did not render my version.

What did you ask the judge for security?

Once they violated the procedure, due process, legal certainty, I requested protection from the appropriate judge and now we are awaiting the decision.

Will you present yourself in the commission depending on it?

Yes, this depends on the resolution.

What will he do if he is removed from the presidency?

If they want to kick me out, let me kick you out. I’m here. They have already said that they have a majority, they have kicked me out. I know I have fulfilled all my qualifications. I am not corrupt either. I am a transparent woman, and if they want to oust me, I am here, but they will kick me out because I do not agree with the distribution of the legislature or they want to take away the independence of the state institution by storm. UNES wants a true commission and PSC the Comptroller.

Will he stay in his seat?

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.


Lori Abarca in Guadalupe (Puerto Francisco de Orellana, 1963). He is a lawyer, a graduate of the Catholic University of Guayaquil. He was mayor of Francisco de Orellana and prefect of Orellana (for three terms) Five-legged. He went on strike in 2007 DaumaProtest against oil activity. Rafael Correa A state of emergency was declared and he was charged with terrorism. He received a general pardon from the National Assembly.

CAL has qualified to sue Lori in Guadalupe. Panchkutik MPs held a press conference. It did not support the President »

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