Applicants who did not come to take the test Transformation In the event of an accident or coercion, as appropriate, they may request a rescheduling this Wednesday, March 30, 2022, until 11:59 p.m. This was reported by the Ministry of Higher Education (Sensisit)

As many as 260,372 applicants have appeared for the aptitude and qualification test in four sessions till Tuesday, March 29. Registered absenteeism was 17% (56,766 applicants). There were 327,000 young people who registered for the assessment.

Mostly applicants They were assessed at home And those who did not have Internet service or electronic devices did so in person, either way 389 physical office approved by Senescyt.

TestOne and a half hours for the general public and two hours and thirty minutes for the disabled, 160 questions divided into four skills: Numerical, verbal, logical reasoning; And, attention and concentration.

Score To access a quota

Regarding the application score weight, Senescyt scores that Check the transform with 50% weight Already Academic background, I.e., grade notes, including the remaining percentage. If it does, applicants will also have an additional score for positive action.

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