Guillermo Lasso came to the legislature on May 24, 2022, with his wife. The president will give his first report to the nation about his administration. Photo: Julio Estrella / EL Commerceo

The state will never negotiate with the mafia. It was said to be near its end Report to the Nation 2022, The President Guillermo Lasso. There was interference in that matter Security Citizens

“Ultimately, since I don’t want anything to be left out, and since I don’t want to have any doubts, we’re going to talk about security,” he said during his speech. National Assembly.

This Tuesday afternoon, May 24, 2022, the President acknowledged that Street violence and crime are “affecting Ecuadorians.”

“I understand the emotional state that our society is facing, the fear felt by every family, every neighborhood, every popular business. But above all I am a husband, father and grandfather. I’m angry about what’s happening. ” He indicated.

In this theme, Lasso details The steps that have been taken He also talked about the time and place of his first year in office Planned security action plan For the next year of government.

Fight against mafias

The head of state described it as a crime “An enemy who was given too much space for a long time.”

He said that he will face it Drug traffickers, organized crime, illegal mining, arms and human traffickers, But assured that The state will never negotiate with the mafia.

“Of course there are people who live beyond the law, Waiting for any kind of negotiation or tie with the state. That This will never happen, because it would be a betrayal of the people of Ecuador. Civil peace will never be a hostage to anyone. Civil peace is not discussed. Imposes “, While mentioning these words, those who participated in the account rendering applauded.

Consequences of law enforcement

Lasso highlighted the fight against drug trafficking. He noted that in his first year in office, Uniformed officers recover 231 tonnes of drugs “A Historic Record for Ecuador”.

He added that So far in 2022, 85 tons of drugs have been seized across the country, “Three times what was seized the previous year, in the same period.” He also mentioned the matter In 2021, more than 1,350 criminal gangs were destroyed and 7,500 weapons seized.

Support the national police

The President of the Republic has announced that investments will be made through the Ministry of Interior and in support of international cooperation 2 1.2 billion to strengthen the national police by 2025.

He also said that these will increase till 2021 30,000 new police officers in the country. “It will fill the military deficit that this government inherited from the previous government.”

“This government will give to Ecuador A police force is fully equipped, professionally trained and, above all, supported by a state There is already a desire to lead this fight against wealth and evil, ”Lasso added.

He added that next week, in collaboration with the Public Defender’s Office, Lawyers will provide all police officers facing legal process “As a result of the protection of citizenship.”

Support for the Armed Forces

That is what Lasso said The government will continue to strengthen the armed forces “Under a new age and a system adapted to its threats, because now they are facing new enemies who do not respect the law or the boundaries.”

The President told the soldiers “Now the battlefield is the border to prevent drugs from entering our country.”

In addition, he offers Improving equipment and training for members of the military. “We rely on your decisive contribution to ensuring peace in Ecuador. “Where there is peace, there will be a generation of opportunity for Ecuadorians.”

He also said this Montecristi radar should be restored soon and Ecuadorian Air Force equipment should be re-launched Drugs, money and weapons to intercept and take out illegal ships.

Besides, Assures Navy equipment will be strengthened, A face to face The new enemy: drug trafficking and organized crime. ”

Prison crisis in the country

While reporting to the nation, Lasso also mentioned Prison crisis. He mentioned that there is a lot of violence in prisons in the country “Negative Legacy” Of previous governments.

“I am just happy to be free. The road ahead will be difficult and we will need perseverance, courage and faith. ”

According to official data, it is time for Lasso’s administration Massacre in five prisons With More than 270 dead prisoners. In light of this, Lasso made it clear that the state would never negotiate with the mafia.

Steps for social rehabilitation

According to the executive officer, for the first time in the history of the country. A public policy of social rehabilitation with a focus on human rights. The goal was to restore state sovereignty in prisons.

“We are promoting a new management model that integrates security and social rehabilitation Modernization of facilities To make the best follow-up of the pension process, ”he pointed out.

He also talked about Lasso Lack of pension officers in prisons. This is mentioned in the 2022 plan Include 1,400 guides, Which will add up to the 1,600 people currently working in the prison.

“We are in the process of creating The first prison training school to train new security and surveillance corps. “ Details.

Lasso More said that The amnesty will reduce the prison population. The purpose is to reduce the crowd in the prison. He pointed out that only those who show good behavior, those who have committed minor offenses and those whose legal process is not pending can avail this benefit.

The Guillermo Lasso government shows progress in economic matters. However, there is still a long way to go to improve the labor market. Https://

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