Guillermo Lasso during the presentation of the report to the nation on August 24, 2022. Photo: Julio Estrella / EL Commerceo

With a Budget This is the greater destiny for health for 2022, President William Lasso In his first report to the nation, he said this May 24, 2022, he will inaugurate Four hospitals.

According to the President, this year’s health budget is being spent $ 3.2 billion2017 400 million more than the average allocation between 2017 and 2020

Lasso assures that only in Infrastructure Y. EquipmentIn 2022, USD 113 million will be invested to open four hospitals and to upgrade, clean or upgrade another 37 and 23 health centers.

Drug supply

Regarding the supply of medicines, without giving a specific date, Lasso assured that “within a few days” Delivery From The medicines For patients in the public health system, through Private pharmacy.

“Without complications, without delays or inconveniences, Ecuadorians will pick up the medicines they need for free from their surroundings as close to home as possible,” he noted.

Through the implementation of this system, Lasso has assured that corruption, distribution failures and above all the suffering of patients will come to an end.

In this sense, he mentions the reason ExtremeMedical services have been mainly focused on
Covid-19For almost two years.

As a result, many surgical interventions stopped and there was an adequate supply of medicines.

“It was impossible for a state that had been half working for almost two years to return to 100% operation in just three months. And even worse if we consider that it was almost bankrupt state, ”he said.

Ten year health plan

In his speech, he also mentioned its launch Ten year health planScheduled for this year, so that the disease can be prevented and detected early.

This plan will allow for one Digital inventory Of The medicines And to prevent supply shortages and ensure transparency and quality in medical services, he said.

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