On June 25, 2022, the Assembly debated Guillermo Lasso’s request for impeachment. Photo: File / EL COMERCIO

The Insulting Of Exception condition It came a few minutes later Assembly Was installed for discussion Dismissal requestWhich is driven by correismo against the President William Lasso.

The President has canceled the measures that were implemented due to the solidarity of the tribals Peace has been restored in Ecuador, in the provinces of Chimborazo, Tungurahua, Cotopaxi, Pichincha, Pastaza and Imbabura.

Next to Lifting Of Military To contain the protest, the measure means that correism Will be left without him The main test Requesting the dismissal of the head of state: “Serious political crisis and internal turmoil”.

This is called ‘internal disturbance’. Executive Decree 459 And also in 455. On Monday, June 20, Lasso canceled the next one when the assembly tried to withdraw the measure. This Saturday, June 25, there was no more violence at the rally No And many have returned to their communities.

The correism He did not respond immediately. A full session with 135 of the 137 legislators registered in virtual mode was installed around 6:30 pm on Saturday. And at the conclusion of this note, several were adopted in the Plenary General Committee Staff Of Human rights.

This time, the barrier to giving way to requests to change the law Order of the day Instead of Lasso, the legal secretary of the presidency of the republic, Fabian Pozzo, appeared in the virtual room and presented it. Discharge Written

“This call is the work of that enemy of Ecuador, which, in its loneliness and despair, has sent it without meeting even the most basic constitutional requirements,” he said.

He argued that the request was made without proving or complying with the provisions of Article 130, No. 2 of the Constitution on “serious political crisis and internal disturbances”. “They presented no support and, worse, no legal motivation.”

“Assemblyman UNES Their only proof is Executive Decrees Nos. 455 and 459. The first of them has already been canceled through the second and the second was canceled just a few minutes ago because the measures taken were enough to restore and ensure peace. The safety of Ecuadorians, ”he said.

Council President Dr. sitting in the session. Virgil Sakisela (ind.), informing the plenary that he had met with the officers at noon Government And NoWith a view to setting one up Dialogue table. Thirteen days after the national strike, the meeting took place in private in the Basilica of the national vote.

No one will leave

Its president said Control CommissionFernando Villavicencio (Ind.), Showing a document in which the Secretary of the Assembly certifies that any MLA Resigned in the middle of it Crisis. “So there’s evidence that it was all a show,” he said.

Villavicencio also hinted that on Friday, June 24, several members of the assembly correism And of the radical wing Five-legged On their social networks they decided to resign from their positions so that Lasso could be fired and Go ahead General election As a solution to the political crisis that the country is going through.

According to parliamentary procedure, Vote It will be offered between Monday 27th or Tuesday 28th June. “Within 72 hours of completion of the relevant procedures, Assembly It will resolve rationally on the basis of the evidence presented by the President, ”said Shilpa. 51 of the Legislative Act.

Risky move

Correismo came to this session without being safe 92 votes That is what is needed Resolution. The ruling party has spoken out against the Social Christian Party (PSC) and the Democratic Left (ID). If it is not enriched, the legislature will not be able to try to activate it Method For the rest of Lasso’s term.

On a bench of 25 Five-legged Was there Divided posture. Block chief Salvador Quispe disagrees with this approach. A press conference was to be held on the subject DialogueBut canceled at the last minute.

However, the national coordinator of the tribal movement. Marlon SantiIn a statement, the bench directed the 25 MLAs to vote for dismissal.

The ruling party, for its part, without further details, has condemned the “conspiracy conspirators and their ambassadors to” buy the conscience of legislators, attempt extortion and threat of kidnapping. “


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