President William Lasso On Thursday, May 5, he informed the National Assembly about his departure from the country to Israel to resolve the security issue.

The President will visit from May 7 to 14. First it will stop in Spain and then reach Israel; He will be the first Ecuadorian president to visit the country.

“The basic agenda is with Israel Security matters. They are supporting us and we need more support in terms of security, ”he said on the Let’s Meet for Citizenship program, where he interviews two journalists from different media outlets each week.

The president will arrive in Israel Monday 9 May And the three-day official tour will begin on Tuesday, said Efe, a source close to the tour.

The first official day will begin on Tuesday with a visit to one of the major Israeli security agencies and will continue with an event. Tel Aviv Along with the major businessmen in the Israeli economy, Ecuador is known as the Open for Business, where Lasso will present investment opportunities in Ecuador.

Lasso will be received by the Israeli president on Wednesday. Itzak HarjogWith a formal ceremony in Jerusalem, and the two will hold a private meeting.

Lasso will also visit that day Iyad Vashem Holocaust MuseumHe will plant a tree to commemorate his visit to nearby Mount Herzl, and to the Grove of Nations in Jerusalem.

On Wednesday night, he will be a guest at a state dinner hosted by his Israeli counterpart in the same city.

There is a special meeting on the agenda on Thursday morning Hebrew University of JerusalemIt plans to announce the opening of an Ecuadorian innovation office in Lasso and a meeting with 50 Ecuadorian Entrepreneurship and Innovation (AEI) entrepreneurs.

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