Lori and Lasso during a report to the nation on May 24, 2022. Photo: Julio Estrella / EL Commerceo

“A banker must have come to achieve these goals.” When William Lasso This sentence was uttered by Assembly members Salvador Quispe and Marlon Cadena looking at each other and whispering in each other’s ears in the middle of the report to the nation.

Quishop was in the front row as coordinator Five-legged And string as block leader Democratic left (ID). With them, the ruling party, from which loud applause for the head of state can be heard.

“You have to congratulate the frankness with which he assumes he is a banker,” Cadena responded. “But a banker will always prioritize capital, business, investment,” he questioned.

Lasso had mentioned that in the first year of his tenure he managed to save 18 million lives With Vaccination plan Balance against Covid-19 and public finance. He compared them to two turbines in an aircraft. In addition, he raised the issue of providing lines of credit for farmers and businesses, when they were given to “friends” of the government in power before, he said.

It was the one for ID and Pachakutik Speech More common Campaign agreement Before implementing a government plan, and they were not convinced by Lasso’s promise that his second year in office would prioritize the social and security sector.

A few of the assembly members said Bench They stood in the second row. “We have heard President’s lie. There is no medicine in the hospitals. Insecurity has engulfed the country’s roads, there are no jobs. We Ecuadorians don’t need more lies, we need action, “he added. Jessica CastilloFrom Pachakutik.

Chair reserved for correism They were empty, the bloc did not come as a form of rejection of government management, although Lasso was in favor of compromise in his speech.

“I hope the president will have the courage to tell us that we are Lazy and corrupt assembly; But, he did not have the courage. He just said there are free medicines everywhere. I haven’t heard so many lies in recent times, ”Quishop said.

In the third row were five Christian Social Party (PSC) MLAs, who stood beside the Bloc chief with arms, Stephen TorresThroughout the ceremony.

“No one is interested in fighting among politicians, but anyone who promotes fighting among politicians is an executive. Hopefully that speech will last at least a week, “said Torres.

Minister of Government, Francisco JimenezHas announced a new meeting with the bench for next week. Lasso fired Cross death And he did not speak of going to a popular consultation, but of resuming dialogue with the Assembly.

The speech of the head of state took an hour and a half. Behind the lecturer was his cabinet and the faces of the ministers among them Jimena GarjanHealth and Mary BrownEducation has shown gender inequality in government.

Of the 500 guests in the chamber, no more than a dozen wore masks: the attorney, Inigo Salvador and the attorney general, Diana Salazar, There were two of them. Meanwhile, Lasso has proved the truth of his plan against the epidemic. The high bars had room for another 700 people, but it was only half full.

Lorry’s speech

In a separate chapter there was presidential intervention Lorry in GuadalupeHe has brought to the forefront the seriousness of his struggle with members of the legislature, including Coreismo, the PSC, and the Pachakutik dissidents who are seeking his removal from office.

“We cannot deny that The political crisis in our parliament This is not the responsibility of one person, nor is it going to be resolved by the resignation of a single person. The political crisis in the National Assembly has been blamed on 137 members of parliament, some of whom attended the session, and Delay the work of the Legislative AssemblyWe have to evaluate them, we have to investigate their real work, “said the President.

Lori was with Lasso until he left the legislature. She described her as a “warrior, aboriginal, and Amazonian woman,” but avoided engaging in any struggle with the judiciary, the National Court of Justice, and the Participation Council.

Lori saved Lasso from breaking Seriously He entered and held her hand as he walked past, disrespecting the national flag.

Outside the legislature, about 200 people gathered in support of Lasso, although by the time he left, almost everyone had already left. Only the legislature escort and the military school of honor remained.

Guillermo Lasso came to the National Assembly to render his first #InformeALaNacion. Vaccination, financial accounting, employment … the President has taken stock of his administration. Https://bit.ly/3wKUisB

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