President of the Republic, William Lasso, Presented this Friday, the afternoon of April 8, 2022, the plan has several Action To fight Crime And organized crime. Start with security strategies Guayaquil.

The president was speaking from the Plata del Guasmo sector, south of the main port National Government It will strengthen the national police with more troops, equipment and technology. The investment will be 1. 1.2 billion over the next three years.

Lasso has promised to abide by the plan to strengthen the police. In that sense, he announced that 30,000 additional troops would be included. “We are fighting Crime, Organized crime and drug trafficking. This government does not agree with the mafia and is not indifferent, ”he said.

The head of state has stated that a definite plan is needed for implementation Support International Which they have disclosed to their government.

Home Minister Patricio Carrillo was in attendance; Minister of Government, Francisco Jimenez; Governor of Guas, Pablo Arosemena; The Commander-in-Chief of the Police, Carlos Cabrera, and the High Command of the organization

In an energetic tone, the President indicated that the government would not lose courage in the fight against crime and insecurity. “I will feel the presence of manpower and the state. Because these public spaces are not for Ecuadorians, criminals and criminals. I understand your fears and anxieties, but I assure you that we will give you the peace of mind you want. ”

Lasso confirmed that between January and April 4 this year alone, public forces seized 4,037 ampoules, and 800 firearms were seized; Also 458 stolen vehicles were recovered and 34 tons of drugs were seized.

“My message to the police: do not hesitate to protect the people. Work within the framework of the law and show respect for human rights, but your priority is to protect the innocent. Thank you for serving the country! I will stand by you and work for a peaceful Ecuador, “he said in a statement.

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