Either you jump on the current that you don’t believe in, or you reinvent yourself so that people fall in love with your music again. LolasThe author of ‘Hit’, as I Need You So Much, and in Atrapam, chose the second option, and thus the songs Besos, Vete, Daria, and C, S Tu were born: four songs full of emotion and lyrics.

They premiered before 2019 Extreme. With Vete they surrender Tribute Up to a dozen Brave woman And Smart That led the way to different areas.

The video contains pictures of it Princess Diana of WalesMexican painter Frida KahloAmerican actress Marilyn Monroe, Among others. These are mixed with interpretations by twin Maria Fernanda and Maria Dolores Guevara, using a series of paper headdresses, relentlessly created by an Argentine artist.

The video is already on YouTube and, like one of them, is KissI got applause from him Followers All life and newcomers, who joined after appreciating a high quality work

Go one Cumbia Hard hit on that Coast of Ecuador. The Sierra audience, on the other hand, grabs Bessos, a delicious bolero that simply takes their eyes off, taking fans to the magical place they are sure to keep in mind and heart. Many of the lyrics are by Maria Dolores; They are created with content.

Lolara came back stunned, Including an offer of fresh music after 10 years of absence. The project was put on hold after Maria Fernanda traveled abroad. After reuniting, the sisters embraced music, which had been in their veins since childhood, and they are now launching the LLLL (‘Los Lolas Live’) project. There they sang live with famous colleagues. Such as Israel Brito and Sergio Sakoto.

Opening mouth on YouTube. The finished work will bring surprises. Can you imagine singing Las Lolas?
There is no release date yet, but the artists have asked to be focused on their social networks.

There they will also share the dates of the concerts they hope to give by 2022 Followers count the days to see the ‘old’ and most recent tunes perform on their stage.


Las Lolas appeared in 2000. They separated in 2006 after Maria Fernanda traveled abroad. They are twin sisters. The name of his first album is ‘Las Lolas’. What would I name one of his first songs ?; It was played on several radio stations across the country. It is one of his iconic songs.

They later released their second album ‘DOS’. In 2019 they have released new material. Kiss is one of the most acclaimed songs. All themes are on different digital platforms.


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